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This article features an overview of the strategy and approaches used by CottageCare in marketing.

Moreover, it also includes the advantages of buying a CottageCare franchise as well as the necessary information needed in doing so.

CottageCare is among the successful and fast investment returning franchises in the house cleaning industry. As such, it has already been adjudged as one of the best consumer businesses in the United States as evidenced by the US Chamber Bluechip Enterprise Award.

History of this business can be traced back in 1988 when it opened its first physical establishment. Moreover, it started franchising in 1989. Franchisees of this business are not only from the blue-collared industries but as well as from sophisticated sectors which include individuals coming from the banking industry, educational institutions, medical and allied health professionals, and many other persona of various backgrounds. Its pioneer franchisee, Brian Nagel, and currently CottageCare’s Chief Operating Officer has a number of franchises across the different cities in the United States.

The success of Cottage Care franchise lies from its marketing strategy of bringing clients directly to its franchisees. This boils down to the implementation of approaches parallel to the goal of its marketing strategy: (1) Implementation of a campaign that sells the services and products of CottageCare directly to consumers through mail in the franchisee’s area which consequently leads to curious customers making phone calls; and (2) Referral of calls to a department specializing in first time customer sign-ups where expert customer care representatives will be able to answer queries and concerns of these customers. The second approach has proven to be an effective means of increasing clientele. In fact, from a rate of 35%, the newly signed up customers has skyrocketed to a booming 60%. The figure, 60%, refers to all calls made by customers as a response to the received brochures mailed to them. This is a proof that the approaches implemented by CottageCare are effective and efficient.

Moreover, to buy a CottageCare franchise means to secure a wise investment. From this business, one can derive a lot of advantages which surely benefit the franchisees. Among these advantages are: (1) CottageCare does not interfere with family time. Franchisees work only on office hours (usually 7:30am to 5:00pm) during weekdays (Monday to Friday). Another good news is it does not require its franchisees to work on holidays; (2) It does not need to update with technological innovations. Why so? Housecleaning is not something that goes outdated. (3) It is affordable. This further means that it appeals to masses. (4) Cottage Care has a promising future with only a small number of competitors. (5) It does not require a shocking amount for a start-up capital. The investment more or less costs a total maximum of $75,500. A liquid capital of $69,500 is required. Fees included are an initial franchise fee of roughly a range from $9,500 to $17,000, a royalty of 5.5%, and a renewal fee of $3,000 when the term of franchise agreement expires (usually good for 10 years). Even with its low start-up capital, CottageCare is a potential match to big and popular names in the franchising industry in terms of profit and value of assets.

When franchising this business, the franchisee has the discretion to choose between Standard and Jumbo investments depending on how one wants his or her establishment paced and built. With everything so good to be true, franchisees are really tempted to buy CottageCare franchise.


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