About a Spinal Aid Centers of America Franchise

Spinal Aid Centers of America franchise is a spinal decompression therapy business that offers non-surgical procedure of easing the different types of back pains.

Spinal Aid Centers of America offers a spinal decompression therapy business that started in the year 2005 and franchising as well on the same year with headquarters in Florida. Their offices treat over 3,000 patients a day all over the country.

This allows them to be the leader in advancement regarding treatment by providing therapy for the neck and lower back over the last three years.

Franchise Opportunity:

Partnership with Spinal Aid Centers of America is a program that provides all the necessary funding for a decompression table and franchise through its new equity and revenue sharing program. It also offers assistance in a clinic’s daily operation. This includes buying and placing the marketing necessary to provide consistent and predictable daily results.

Spinal Aid Centers of America is a franchise that lets doctors/physicians everywhere to have access to a non-surgical procedure to relieve back pains of patients. This is not type of franchise opportunity you are in a way offering products and services all at the same time. This will give you the opportunity to help people in pain feel better in a non-surgical way and get back to their normal lives once again.

Spinal Aid Centers of America has always been included in the top five hundred lists of franchise business in several surveys, and they keep adding more. They constantly receive awards and citations proof that there is an increasing demand in the Spinal Aid franchise business. By opening your Spinal Aid franchise in your area, you are not just making an income but you are also offering relief to those who suffers different types of back pains.

Spinal Aid Centers of America uses state of the art equipments like the DRX 9000, DRS Table and Z-Grav Tables that helps patients heal faster and get back to their daily lives. Most of their clinics offer two tables which allow them to get started on the way to relieve the pain sooner for their customers.

Franchise Costs:

  • Total investment: $111,500 - $178,400
  • Franchise fee: $75,000 - $137,400
  • Term of Agreement: Term of agreement not renewable

Benefits of a Franchise:

Patients with low back pain, lower extremity (Leg) Pain and Leg Pain Brought On By Walking, Pain in the Shoulder Blade area, Bulge Disc or Herniated Disc, numbness/tingling/pins of needles in the arms/hands, chronic tightness of the shoulder or neck, weakness or dropping of things without notice, shooting pain into the shoulders/arms/hands and shoulder pain that has negative x-rays and MRI’s. In this kind of business venture you are making a living from helping others. Both you and your customers will benefit in a Spinal Aid franchise.

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  • Sheila Smith said on June 28, 2010
    I live in Australia. When will this be available in this country? Thanks. Sheila Smith


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