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By reading franchise business news daily you will know economic and political issues that confront franchisee and franchisers. This information can help you prepare for the implications that some policy changes might bring. You will also know happenings about early entrants in your industry that can help you decide how to steer your business in the right direction.

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  • McDonald’s Spends $258,000 for Lobbying in Q4
    McDonald’s Corp, the largest US fast food chain, has spent more than $256,000 for lobbying in the second quarter regarding issues related to restaurant tax law, food safety and nutrition, and immigration law.

  • Taco Bell Introduces New Meals
    Mexican restaurant Taco Bell Inc. has introduced its latest taco products which will cater to the consumers who want to taste an authentic Mexican dish from a quick service restaurant.

  • Workers Halt Negotiation with Dunkin’ Donuts
    The negotiation between Dunkin’ Donut’s supplier Northeast DCP and the worker’s union has been halted after the two parties failed to come up with an agreement that would cover benefits, union dues, and other employment issues.

  • Mediacom to Handle Yum! Brands Ad Campaign
    To beef up its marketing and advertising campaign, Yum! Brands which owns fast food chains such as Pizza Hut and KFC has recently made an agreement with media agency Mediacom which has cost the company nearly $40 million.

  • Salmonella Outbreak Affects Subway Restaurants
    Restaurant giant Subway has reported a significant decline in sales after hundreds of customers have been infected with salmonella which is a food-borne disease caused by eating foods contaminated with animal and human feces.

  • McDonald's Says World Cup Souvenir Glasses Safe
    Despite concern that McDonald's World Cup souvenir glasses may contain cadmium which is a metal attributed to cancer and other health problems, the restaurant giant said that it will not pull out the glasses which they claimed to be safe.

  • Taco Bell Launches Its Social Media Campaign
    In an effort to reach a broader market and strengthen its brand, Taco Bell has recently launched a social media campaign using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms that are seen as an effective viral marketing tool.

  • Yum! Brands Ignores Demand to Raise Workers’ Pay
    Yum! Brands, which owns KFC fast food restaurants, has ignored the demands for a higher wage that will benefit the workers from the northeastern city of Shenyang, China. However, the company said it will fulfill its obligation once the labor contract is signed.

  • Subway Customers Affected by Salmonella Outbreak
    Several customers from Illinois have been hospitalized after eating sandwiches from Subway which were found to have salmonella, a food-borne bacteria which can cause diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and headache.

  • Pizza Hut Offers Fish-flavored Pizza in Malaysia
    Pizza Hut has recently introduced a new product in Malaysia called Fish King Pizza that is topped with fish sticks, crabsticks, mozzarella cheese, pineapples, onions, and roasted capsicum. However, this new product will only be available for a month in the country.

  • Taco Bell Founder Found Dead
    Taco Bell founder Glen Bell was found dead inside his Santa Fe home on Sunday. He was 86. Taco Bell, along with the family, is now planning to have a private funeral for the late restaurant innovator.

  • CA Upholds $6.1 Million McDonald’s Strip Search Case Verdict
    A Kentucky Court of Appeals upheld the $6.1 million award to the former McDonald’s worker who was stripped search by the fiancé of the store’s assistant manager after a phone caller, claiming that he was a policeman, asked them to do so. The CA ruled that Louise Ogborn was sexually abused in the process.

  • McDonald’s Inside Louvre, No “Big Mac” Deal
    Prominent French food critic, Francois Simon, has defended McDonald’s for its plan to put up a franchise inside the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

  • Starbucks Rolls Out "Via" Instant Coffee Product in US, Canada
    Starbucks hopes to steal huge market shares from Kraft and Nestle with the launch of its new instant coffee product called Via.

  • New Survey Showed McDonald’s is “most hated” Brand in UK
    British people have expressed a huge dislike over the McDonald’s brand, saying that “were surely not loviv’ it!”

  • McDonald’s Loses Trademark Case Versus McCurry
    The world’s largest fast-food chain, McDonald’s Corp. lost a fight against a small Indian food store called McCurry over the use of “Mc” prefix after the Malaysia Federal Court ruled in favor of the latter.

  • McDonald’s Posted Slow Sales Growth in August
    The world’s largest fast-food chain, McDonald’s Food Corp, has posted the smallest sales gain in August with only 2.2 percent increase worldwide, it is the lowest monthly gain that the company posted since February this year. But company executives expect the business climate to be better as the recession bottomed down.

  • Wal-Mart Recalls 4.2 Million Durabrand DVD Players
    Wal-Mart, the largest retail store in the US, has expanded to more than four million units the recall of its popular Durabrand DVD players after several customers filed complaints that the gadget was prone to overheating that led to damage to properties and fire.

  • Riverside in the West to Build First Ever “Green” McDonald’s Restaurant
    Candace and Tom Spiel will, a couple from Riverside City, is set to rebuild their old McDonald’s restaurant along University Avenue into the “greenest” franchise in the West after the city commission has approved the modern design of their proposed building.

  • Woman Run Amok in KFC
    A woman, in her mid-20’s, runs amok at a KFC outlet and hurt one crew member after she found out that there’s no honey mustard along with the beef.

  • Starbucks Franchisees Goes "Independent" Cafe Mode
    Starbucks has been hit by the recession so hard that its sales plummeted beyond company projection.

  • iPhone comes Up with New App for Pizza Hut
    iPhone and Pizza Hut has come up with a new way of ordering pizza that is surely fun.

  • Yum Brands Food Chain Franchise Q2 Profits Jump 35 Percent
    With increased advertisements and other promotions of its products, Yum Brands has posted a 35 percent increase in its sales for the second quarter of 2009.

  • Workers File Lawsuit Against Pizza Hut Over Salary
    In a class lawsuit against Pizza Hut, more than 20,000 delivery drivers accused the restaurant giant for violating the federal and state minimum laws.

  • Authorities Say KFC Did Not Commit Violation Over Its Commercial
    In its ruling, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that KFC commercial which showed men wiping their greasy fingers (from the KFC chicken) on a young boy's forehead did not violate any federal law.

  • KFC Says Free Chicken Gives Good Publicity
    Fast food chain giant KFC posted higher sales after its recent free meal which promoted the grilled chicken has received much publicity as millions of Americans flocked to KFC chains to have a free taste of its latest dish which has been considered as the healthier version of fried chicken.

  • Reebok to Expand Its Market Through Franchising
    International footwear manufacturer Reebok has announced its partnership deal with a franchise and retail company Franchise India Holdings Limited (FIHL) in line with its plan to reach its target-market and boost revenue amid low consumer spending due to recession.

  • 7-Eleven Launches New Site to Target Franchisees
    To provide relevant information about franchising in a convenience store, the largest chain store in the US, 7-Eleven has recently announced its new website that will serve as a reliable source for interested franchisees.

  • Plan Ahead Events - Franchising Business for Event Organizers
    For those entrepreneurs with Public Relations Skills, Plan Ahead Events is an ideal franchise business for them which organize special occasions, meetings, business conventions, executive conferences, and exhibit.

  • Lease One - A Business Franchise for Brokers
    Financial service company Lease One is a great choice for franchisees and brokers who want to start a business despite having limited capital.

  • How to Start Franchising with Internet Provider WSI
    WSI is an Internet solution provider which targets small and medium scale businesses from 87 countries. To further reach a broader market, it decided to enter into the franchise business in 1996, just after a year of its full operation.