Woman Run Amok in KFC

A woman, in her mid-20’s, runs amok at a KFC outlet and hurt one crew member after she found out that there’s no honey mustard along with the beef.

The police said that the woman hit the crew with her car when the employee tries to get the plate number of her car.

A 26-year-old woman was arrested by authorities after she runs amok at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet hurting an employee in the process. Authorities, in their investigation, said that Monique Aguet went berserk after she found no honey mustard along with her order.

Based on the witnesses’ testimonies, Aguet was in a KFC drive thru. After receiving her ordered meal, she noticed that there was no honey mustard with her beef meal prompting her to argue with the crew.

The 26-year-old went inside the store, where the arguments further escalate. The management ordered Aguet to leave the store immediately or they will call the cops.

As the suspect went inside her vehicle, one of the crew also went outside to write the car’s plate number.

As the unidentified crew stood at the back of the car, Aguet began to pullout hitting the employee. The crew then struck the car’s hood to let the suspect know that she was behind the vehicle.

“The suspect was about to pullout of the parking lot when she hit the KFC crew. The employee then struck the car’s rear hood to let Aguet know that a person was standing behind her vehicle in case she did not notice,” the police said.

But witnesses said that the suspect continued to back out despite the crew’s warning and hit the employee. Luckily, the victim only received minor bump and no injury in the incident.

Police are now preparing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (car) against the suspect as well as disorderly conduct charges.


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