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Many major companies in the U.S. are closely doing business with Japanese and Chinese companies such that if you want to be updated about U.S. business, you should also be updated about Asian business. Know what developments here and in the world that push stocks in Asian stock exchanges to rise or fall.

Also learn how Asian companies relate with businesses in other continents and what relationships do other foreign firms are attempting to make with Asian companies.

  • Toyota Notches $14M Profit in Q2
    Toyota Motor Corp., the biggest car manufacturer in the world, was able to eked out a $14 million (1.1 billion yen) profit in the second quarter of 2011 following the massive twin disaster that disrupted its production lines.

  • Toyota Eyes 35 Percent Drop in Profit After Quake
    Toyota Motor Corp., the world’s biggest carmaker, on Friday said that its annual profit may drop by 35 percent this year as the Japanese automotive giants struggled to cope with the blow of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

  • Toyota Assures 45-day Supply to US
    Toyota Motor Corp., the largest carmaker in the world, said that it is “business as usual,” assuring its US dealers that supply would be enough for 45 days.

  • Toyota Puts Japan Recovery As Top Priority Over Earnings
    Akio Toyoda, the president of Toyota Motor Corp., on Friday said that they are thinking on how to restore the infrastructure lifeline in eastern Japan, rather than the affect of the tsunami in its earnings.

  • Toyota Fixing Coolant Pumps of 650, 000 Prius Worldwide
    Toyota Motor Corp, the largest automaker in the world, has announced problems in the pump system that cools the hybrid motors of its flagship green car Prius.

  • Toyota Recalls 92, 000 Lexus, Crown in Japan
    Toyota Motor Corp Spokesperson Paul Nolasco on Monday said that at least 91, 903 Lexus and Crown luxury sedan are included in the recall. Just months after its crippling recall of millions of cars worldwide, the world’s largest carmaker Toyota has started the recall of more than 90, 000 luxury vehicles in Japan because of faulty engine parts.

  • Toyota Suffers Honda's Fate, Chinese Workers Hold Strike
    Toyota Motor Corp., the largest automobile maker in the world, has suffered the same fate as Honda Motor Co. after its workers in China held a strike.

  • Toyota Widens Recall, Pays Record Penalty
    Japanese automotive giant Toyota Motor Corp on Tuesday widened its safety recall to some of its vehicle models, just a day after paying a record high fine of 416.4 million. The recall order involves some 34, 000 units of Lexus GX 460 and Land Cruiser Prado, which added up to the 10 million units earlier pulled out.

  • China’s Youth Choosy on Their Jobs
    China’s youth are becoming choosy on what jobs they should take. Many of the next Generation leaders said that low paying jobs, homesickness, and better offers near their homes were the main reason why the once booming Chinese metropolis are losing workforce.

  • Toyota CEO to Face Chinese Authorities over Vehicle Problems
    Toyota chief will face Chinese authorities on Monday over massive vehicle safety problems. China is a valuable market asset to the company as it pumped up vehicle sales in the country to more than 800, 000 units starting 2010.

  • Start Your Own Ballet Shoes Store
    Most parents want their little girls to study ballet. Ballet is considered as a classical dance that needs precision in intricate movements that creates an expression. Start your own ballet shoes store because this is one kind of business that has a sure market.

  • Toyota Announces Recall of some 4 Million Gas Pedals
    Toyota, the world’s largest car manufacturer, announced recall of some 4 million gas pedals in several vehicle models, which reportedly caused major crashes after being stuck in the floor mats of the cars.

  • Toyota Retains Top-Selling Car Title for 4th Straight Month
    Toyota Prius ranked number one selling car in Japan in August following the release of the data by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, showing that the company were able to sell some 21,669 units overtaking top rival Honda's Fit Compact sedan.

  • Toyota Conducts Recall in China, Biggest Ever
    More than 688, 000 sedans were about to be pulled out of China as complaints flood the company headquarters due to defects on the cars' electric window systems.

  • US, China Relations at a Pivotal Point
    The US government's huge budget deficit has been exposed as China continues to express strong concern over bloating economy of the Americans.

  • Wal-Mart to Open Store In India
    Wal-Mart signed a long-term agreement with Indian business giant Bharti Enterprises to pave way for the new business venture called Best Price Modern Wholesale in the country.

  • US Businesses Concerned Over China
    With the decline in quality of China products and the growing concern over its weak intellectual property rights, US businesses said the Asian country is a risky source of supply and expressed plan to look for other alternative sources.

  • Auto Sales in China Surpass US
    Car sales in China has been steadily increasing since the country's industrial revolution that it surpassed United States for three consecutive months.

  • Coca-Cola Plans to Invest $2 Billion in China
    Despite that China’s economy is growing weak due to global recession, beverage giant Coca-Cola Co. expressed its plan to invest $2 billion in this country. Experts agree that this marketing move is a bold step for the US company since most foreign firms have started leaving China or have closed its factories.

  • Thousands of Japanese Employees Killed due to Overwork
    In Japan, more workers are suffering from stress-related illnesses and depression, forcing thousands of employees to commit suicide every year. With this looming problem, authorities have included suicide incident as part of work accidents, allowing families of victims to receive compensation from employers and government.

  • Chinese Exporters Face Payment Risks
    China warns exporters to be more cautious in dealing with some companies abroad due to the growing payment risks caused by global economic slowdown. This looming problem is aggravated by financial crisis experienced by foreign banks caused by factors including importers’ unpaid debts and breach of contracts and insufficient liquidity.

  • Toyota Plans to Halt Production for 11 Days
    Toyota has recently announced to halt its production for 11 days in an attempt to reduce the number of its unsold cars. This move is seen by its officials as a solution for the declining sales in its cars, a trend which is seen by analysts to worsen due to economic recession.