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  • Reebok Settled With Nike
    Reebok has been selling Tebow products such as t-shirts and jersey with the name of the of the New York Jets' quarterback name on it.

  • How to Take Off the Negative Online Reviews of Your Business
    As an entrepreneur, you have to be alert regarding what’s being said or reviewed online about your product or brand.

  • Demand for Durable Goods Rise 1.7 % in September
    The demand for durable goods has significantly increased in September this year, the fastest in six months, the United States Commerce Department on Wednesday.

  • Google Firms up Deal to Buy Yahoo Core Business -- Report
    Online search giant Google Inc. has been talking to at least two private equity companies on the possibility of buying Yahoo Inc.'s core business, a person familiar with the matter said over the weekend.

  • GE Profit in Q3 Soars, Raises Outlook for 2012
    General Electric Co., the largest conglomerate in the United States, said its profit grew by a fifth in the third quarter of this year, prompting the company to raise its outlook for 2012.

  • Google Shares Surge Amid Robust Growth in Mobile Business
    Shares of Google Inc. surged more than 7 percent on trading hours Friday, a day after the Internet giant reported a robust growth in its mobile business and upbeat revenue forecast in emerging markets in the third quarter of this year.

  • iPhone 4S Breaks Preorder Record – Apple
    Technology giant Apple Inc. said that its new iPhone 4S has broken previous preorder record, hitting more than 1 million sales in the first day, despite complaints by fans that the device is a “mere modification” of its predecessor.

  • HP Fires CEO After Just 11 Months
    Computer giant Hewlett-Packard Corp. (HP) has fired Leo Apotheker as its chief executive after just 11 months on the job, replacing him with billionaire businesswoman and political hopeful Meg Whitman in an effort to remodel its corporate hierarchy.

  • KB Home Post Wider Loss in Fiscal Q3
    The fifth largest US homebuilder KB Home on Friday said its net loss has widen to $9.6 million in the quarter that ended August 31, compared to just $1.4 million a year ago.

  • Netflix, Discovery Sign Deal for TV Shows’ Online Streaming
    Online streaming giants Netflix Inc. and Discovery Communications Inc. announced that they have reached an agreement for the online streaming of the latter’s popular TV adventure shows.

  • US Homebuilder Index Slips in September
    A new data released by the National Association of Home Builders showed a negative sentiment among the industry stakeholders as foreclosures and higher cost of mortgages weaken recovery process.

  • GM, UAW Reach Profit-sharing Deal in New Contract
    After seven weeks of intensive negotiation, General Motors Co. and the United Automobile Workers (UAW) has reached an agreement for the $5,000 signing bonus for all the company’s 48,500 employees – as well as the possibility of higher profit sharing.

  • Verizon Workers to Return to Work Without Contract Deal
    Some 45,000 Verizon workers are expected to return to work starting Monday evening after 14 days of strike, and despite failing to get favorable decision over disputed contracts.

  • White iPhone 4, iPad Delivery Face another Delay
    The biggest technology company in the world today, Apple Inc. announced that it will not be shipping the white version of the new iPhone 4 and 9.7-inch iPad until “later this year” following delays in manufacturing process.

  • Tech Firms to Develop Gadgets, Applications Keeping Wayward Walkers on Path
    Technology firms are now creating smarter gadgets and other applications that would help people avoid accidents while walking on the streets or driving.

  • Yahoo Eyes Deal with Twitter to Boost Social Networking Features
    Yahoo is now eyeing to close down a deal with Twitter to boost further its social networking features. The move came less than two months after Yahoo acquired the service of Facebook to its e-mail service.

  • Strong Smartphone Demands Forces Airwaves Scramble
    Strong demand for Smartphones is now forcing wireless companies to scramble for bigger shares of airwaves, fearing that the wireless highways may soon be congested.

  • RIM Blackberry Sales Push Q3 Profit Up by 59 Percent
    RIM Blackberry sales have pushed the company’s third quarter income up by more than 59 percent, which has surprised even the experts at Wall Street.

  • Nokia Files Lawsuit against Apple Over iPhone
    Finland-based mobile phone giant Nokia has sued Smartphone manufacturer Apple over infringement of some 10 mobile phone technologies that it has retrofitted with its iPhone.

  • Sun Microsystems Cuts 3,000 Jobs, Awaiting Oracle Takeover
    World's fourth largest server manufacturer Sun Microsystems on Tuesday revealed plans to cut some 3, 000 jobs or more than 10 percent of its total workforce around the world pending the deal with Oracle, which is being held off by antitrust commission in Europe.

  • Google Eyes Major Takeover Targets
    Google chief executive on Wednesday said that “acquisition are back on” with the online giant as it readies itself on major takeovers in the coming months.

  • Lenovo Distributes Two New Multi-Touch Computers
    World's fourth largest computer maker Lenovo unveils new application called SimpleTap as it started to distribute two new multi-touch device called ThinkPad X200 and ThinkPad T400.

  • Yahoo to Fight Microsoft Over Consumer Devotion
    Despite recent merger between Yahoo and Microsoft, the internet giant said that it will still compete with the software manufacturer for consumer shares in their respective websites.

  • Amazon, Yahoo, and Microsoft Block Google's Book Project
    Major tech companies like Yahoo, Amazon, and Microsoft said that it will join major groups in opposing scheduled legal settle between book authors and Google, which earlier planned to sell digital copies of millions of books in its website.

  • Microsoft, Nokia Finalize Merger on Mobile Software
    Finland-based mobile phone manufacturer Nokia announced plans of intergrading Microsoft's Windows Live software in its mobile phones to allow both companies to compete in the shrinking market of mobiles phone and survive the threat from Apple Inc.'s iPhone.

  • US Senate to Scrutinize Yahoo, Microsoft Merger
    The US Senate, led by Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Antitrust and the Consumer Rights group will conduct an investigation over the multi-million dollar merger between Microsoft and Yahoo to eliminate future problems caused by the deal to consumers and advertisers.

  • Livescribe Released New Handwriting Recognition Device for Mac
    Livescribe, the company that specializes in digital handwriting recognition software and devices, has released the newest addition to its arsenal called Pulse Smartpen, which is a Mac-friendly device that can detect the hand writing of users with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Top Tech Firms vie Expansion Through Partnerships
    More and more technological firms are hitching a ride with major manufacturers and sales partners in a bid to expand sales without the risk of expending on major investments and positioning for their products.

  • Dell Reports Plummeting Sales
    Due to the low consumer demand for computers, the fourth-quarter sales of technology giant Dell plummeted to a record-low. But despite this gloomy sales report, the company manages to keep its finances afloat as it successfully adopts cost-cutting measures that allow it to save millions of dollars.

  • PC Industry Reports Slumping Sales
    The PC industry has reported its fourth-quarter sales which experienced 0.4 percent decline. In addition to this gloomy report, the sector provided a dismal forecast which stated this year’s sales will experience more than 5 percent decline, adding that hardware sales will have a slow recovery in 2010.

  • Electronics Companies Face Slow Growth in 2009
    Consumer electronic sales are expected to have slow growth in 2009 due to economic recession, according to international trade organization. Consumer products including televisions, mobile phones, and desktop computers are affected by the slowdown.