Strong Smartphone Demands Forces Airwaves Scramble

Strong demand for Smartphones is now forcing wireless companies to scramble for bigger shares of airwaves, fearing that the wireless highways may soon be congested.

According to wireless network providers, the airwave frequencies that they are operating with will soon run out and they have to ask the government for bigger share.

Wireless network providers have expressed strong fear that airwaves may soon be congested as demands for high-tech cellphones like the Apple iPhone and Reseach in Motion’s Blackberry increase.

As the mobile devices becoming more complicated, wireless networks providers said that they are now in danger of running out of room due to congestions on airwave frequencies.

“The airwaves spectrum is like our roads and highways. We move traffic through them. But the volume of the traffic in these airwaves is increasing dramatically and we need more lanes to allow a smooth sending of messages for the users. We need more highways now than ever,” said CTIA-The Wireless Association vice president of regulatory affairs Christopher Guttman-McCabe.

To date, mobile devices like the popular iPhone and Blackberry allow users to transmit or connect with their relatives and friends through a wide spectrum of wireless frequencies. This include Wi-Fi, 3G, TV and Radio broadcasts, which all use different types of airwaves to let users access it while on the go.But everything has a price. And this time, it was the airwaves.

Companies are now looking for more ways for users to communicate and transmit messages without interfering to other frequencies. These include petitions to the government by the wireless networks to give them a bigger share of the airwaves, even at the price of taking the rights of the users for their shares.


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