Top Tech Firms vie Expansion Through Partnerships

More and more technological firms are hitching a ride with major manufacturers and sales partners in a bid to expand sales without the risk of expending on major investments and positioning for their products.

Buyout partnerships are now preferred during weak economy.

 In a bid to ride out the recent economic crunch haunting the market for the past months, technology companies are now joining forces with other companies to expand their businesses without the further risk of buying new technologies and acquisitions.

In a statement, Signal Hill Capital analyst Erik Suppiger said that the joint venture was “no coincidence” at all, adding that the recent economic state has made these mergers to happen sooner than expected.

He stressed that these mergers can even help both companies to expand their business without huge investments or acquisition on new technologies, which most commonly out of their expertise.

Analysts said that big firms such as Juniper Networks Inc, Nokia Siemens Networks, Cisco Systems Inc., Nokia, and Siemens are vying to expand business through mergers and partnerships, making them a “one-stop-shop” for their corporate clients.

Meanwhile, niche technology vendors are vying to merge with bigger companies to take advantage of logistics and scope of sales that it can offer.

Reports told that Nokia Siemens Networks has recently signed a joint venture with Juniper to match up with Nokia-Cisco Systems Inc. merger.

It also told that Juniper is planning to further expand business with talks to IBM regarding the sale of routers and other storage devices.


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