Yahoo to Fight Microsoft Over Consumer Devotion

Despite the recent merger between Yahoo and Microsoft, the internet giant said that it will still compete with the software manufacturer for consumer shares in their respective websites.

Yahoo! executives said that the company has only shifted fronts but will still remain on top.

Internet giant Yahoo! Inc. executives on Monday said that it will continue to fight software manufacturer Microsoft Corp over consumer devotion despite the recent merger between the two companies. They said that they will still battle it out for the number of users visiting their site as they aim for a bigger market share.

The executives said that they have only shifted style of competing with Microsoft and Google in order for them to have more share in the market.

Yahoo and Microsoft recently signed a deal that would allow the internet search engine provider to use the software maker’s Bing search engine in its website. However, the documents of the said merger are still being scrutinized by federal regulators.

Meanwhile, Yahoo said that they are not taking anything easy, saying that they will soon come up with a more refined webpage in presenting the results of the searches made by users. They said that the new search page of Yahoo will be smarter and more intuitive that would help it compete with the dominant Google.

Yahoo! Labs Search Strategy Senior vice president Prabhakar Raghavan described the battle for market shares as a “megawatt war,” adding that they are trying to avoid the situation where they will compete with Google and Microsoft head-to-head.

“We’re going to fight the battle at the other end,” he said.


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