Google Eyes Major Takeover Targets

Google chief executive on Wednesday said that “acquisition are back on” with the online giant as it readies itself on major takeovers in the coming months.

The company CEO said that it will also invest heavily on major technological advancement to make the website faster and more desirable for the online users.

Google Inc. chief executive Eric Schmidt on Wednesday said that the Internet giant is now eyeing several major takeovers in the coming months, saying that they are now finalizing steps in a number of ventures that would further expand its reach to the online world.

In his speech before students and business leaders in the eve of the G20 summit in Pittsburg, Schmidt stressed that “acquisitions are back on,” as the recession finally hit bottom and the world are ready for new ventures in business.

However, Schmidt refused to discuss the details of the said takeovers. The CEO, on the other hand, hinted that they are going to invest heavily on new creative technologies such as the Google Ventures.

Schmidt explained that Google Ventures, which is only in its experimental stages, will focus on various ventures that the Internet giant will acquire in the coming months.

“Google ventures will get going for us and accelerate the technology needed in the following business acquisitions that we will have and to have a good financial return from it,” he added.

Earlier, the Internet giant announced the acquisition of the reCAPTCHA technology in its search engine website. The said technological advancement will make the website safer and faster when it comes to e-book purchases.


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