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Everything in the business world is closely related. What affects one business will eventually affect another whether it is for the good or for the bad. That is why it is important to be updated about movements in the stock market, and know what analysts think about future trends in order to be able to adjust the business to economic factors shaping the landscape with which he is operating.

That’s one sure strategy way to make the business survive and grow.

  • Heinz Profit Falls in Q2
    H.J. Heinz Co., the world’s largest ketchup maker, on Friday said that its fiscal second quarter earnings has dropped by almost 6 percent, narrowly beating earlier forecasts as sales in emerging markets and higher prices offset decline in production volume.

  • US Auto Sales to Stay Flat in 2012 – GM Exec
    The US auto industry is expected to growth rather slowly next year as sales projection of new vehicles rising slightly from 2011, an executive of General Motors Co. said on Tuesday.

  • World Stock Markets Plummet as Economic Tensions Increase
    World stock markets plummeted as global economic and territorial tensions increased this month.

  • Stock Markets Possible To Hit High In Final Week of the Year
    As 2009 ends, Toronto stock market is ready to close out because of the possible hit in the last week of 2009.

  • Trading the Weak Dollar Currency
    Investors are encouraged to buy higher-yielding assets on speculation that global economic recovery is accumulating strength. Due to this the dollar traded within 0.5 cent of one-year low against euro. Also, dollar currency trades weak versus the yen and kiwi dollar climbed high.

  • Investor Guidelines Eased by FDIC
    The FDIC board passed new guidelines in a vote of 4 to 1. FDIC softens investor guidelines to bring in private equity investors.

  • Amazon to Take Over Zappos
    World's biggest Internet retail company,, bared its plan to buy some $927.9 worth of stocks from online retailer and shoe manufacturer Zappos.Com.

  • Stocks Mixed Early with Key Data for the Week
    Early Monday, stocks moved up and down in mixed markets. European stocks advanced while stocks in Asia lowered. As second quarter comes to close, majority of investors are still at a crossroads since 30% of the market in the last three months shows “less bad” economic data. As a result, the investors became skeptical of the recovery in the economy and desire more concrete growth signs.

  • Nokia Q1 Sales Drop
    Nokia, the world’s biggest cell phone maker, has posted 82 percent drop in the first quarter as economic slowdown has affected the sales of high-tech gadgets especially mobile phones which are the main products of the electronic giant.

  • Intel Share Fall Despite Earlier Prediction that PC Sales Will Rise
    Chipmaker giant Intel Corp. has posted slumping sales despite earlier prediction that computer sales is on the rise.

  • Global Trading Falls by 9 Percent
    As trading between countries continues to plummet due to recession and export and import activities fall, analysts said that monthly deficit reached as high as $37.3 billion. Meanwhile, economic experts warn that global trading has declined by 9 percent this year as consumer spending continues to fall.

  • MGM Mirage has $1.1 Billion Losses in 4Q
    Casino giant MGM Mirage has recently reported its $1.1 billion profit loss during the fourth-quarter of last year as gamblers have also realized that their income has turned disposable for the last couple of months as the US market continuously trembles from the impact of recession.

  • BMW Net Profit Declines by 90 Percent
    With global demand for cars, especially sports and luxury models, continuously plummeting to record-low, German carmaker BMW reported 90 percent decline of net income. In 2007, the company reported €3.1 billion worth of net profit, but this earning only plummeted to €330 million the following year.

  • Wal-Mart Sales Fall in 4th Quarter
    Amidst the economic recession which resulted to low consumer spending, US retail giant Wal-Mart announced its declining fourth-quarter sales which have been worse than experts have predicted earlier. Meanwhile, despite offering low-cost products and discounted price, the store chain giant failed to attract consumers to spend more.

  • Apple Sales Remain Strong Amidst Economic Recession
    As most companies from technology industry are reeling from the blow of recession, Apple Inc. sales rose 6 percent or more than $10 billion. Meanwhile, the company’s products including Mac computers, iPod, and iPhone sales have grown to a tremendous proportion, leaving analysts impressed and naysayer speechless.

  • eBay’s Q4 Sales Slump
    Online retail giant eBay said fourth-quarter sales in 2008 experience more than 6 percent decline amidst global economic recession which forced consumers to spend less in virtually all products.

  • Asian Stocks Fall after Obama’s Inauguration
    Asian stock markets fell on Wednesday as economic pessimism remains high amidst the inauguration of US President Barack Obama. As massive bank losses are continuing to hunt the economy, traders and businesses remain their gloomy outlook for this year, expecting to face a protracted and deep recession.

  • Intel Q4 Sales Fell 20 Percent
    Intel, the world’s leading maker has released its fourth quarter sales which declined to 20 percent. With this result, the company blamed the low demand for computers and laptops as consumers are tightening their budgets.