Apple Sales Remain Strong Amidst Economic Recession

As most companies from technology industry are reeling from the blow of recession, Apple Inc. sales rose 6 percent or more than $10 billion. Meanwhile, the company’s products including Mac computers, iPod, and iPhone sales have grown to a tremendous proportion, leaving analysts impressed and naysayer speechless.

Apple reported on Tuesday its strong fourth-quarter sales which increased by 6 percent or more than $10 billion, an impressive result for a technology firm amidst global economic slowdown.

Initial prediction said the company will increase its profit by $1.39 per share, but in unusual turn of event, profit share even reached $1.78 or $1.6 billion in total.

Despite iPod sales decline in US, the music player is becoming more popular from consumers abroad, even unseating technology giant such as Sony (Walkman) and Microsoft (Zune) from its top positions.

Apple’s impressive sales are an enviable story in technology industry where virtually all companies are suffering from low consumer demand and slump in sales. Just recently, chipmaker giant Intel shut down some local and foreign factories, with more than 6,000 workers losing their job. Meanwhile, software giant Microsoft also announced its plan to lay off thousands of employees, the first time in its history.

According to a report released by Apple, 4.30 million iPhone were sold in 2008, a dramatic increase of 88 percent compared to previous year. With this growth, this product added $1.2 billion in revenue.

Desktop sales declined 25 percent last year, but this was cushioned by a new line of notebook which has experienced tremendous growth sales as it became popular among consumers.


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