Livescribe Released New Handwriting Recognition Device for Mac

Livescribe, the company that specializes in digital handwriting recognition software and devices, has released the newest addition to its arsenal called Pulse Smartpen, which is a Mac-friendly device that can detect the hand writing of users with pinpoint accuracy.

Livescribe, along with Vision Objects, has recently released a new Mac-friendly handwriting recognition device called the Pulse Smartpen, which is capable of picking up handwriting movements of users and converts it to digital images with pinpoint accuracy.

The device, according to the company, will serve as an alternative for people who want the traditional feel of writing down notes but with the modern technology as its base.


The new Smartpen was released earlier this year for Mac users. The pen, much like any ordinary pen, has a ballpoint connected to a built-in flash card that recognizes what you are writing or drawing.


When used in a Livescribe special paper, the Pulse Smartpen can also record the sound of the scratch caused by the pen as you jot things down.


The company said that the new Smartpen is ideal for people who rely heavily on writing such as journalists, secretaries, businessmen, and even students.


Also, the company on Monday has released the newest addition to its jotting device called MyScript. The new program automatically creates a dictionary or lists of words frequently being used by the owners. It can even recall drawings, shapes, and tables.

Users can buy the Smartpen for $150 for the 1GB model and an additional $50 for the 2GB model.


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