Tech Firms to Develop Gadgets, Applications Keeping Wayward Walkers on Path

Technology firms are now creating smarter gadgets and other applications that would help people avoid accidents while walking on the streets or driving.

These applications will help people avoid accidents while using cellphones while on the go.

Due to the rising number of accidents because of cellphone usage while driving or walking, technology firms are now stepping in by creating gadgets and other applications that would help people avoid such incidents.

Dubbed as “mobile distraction,” many of the experts and lawmakers are now sounding the alarm bells, calling to technology companies to help in finding solutions to the problem.

One of the ideas that tech firms proposed was to make the screen of Smartphones and other mobile devices “transparent” so that the people using it can still manage to see the things ahead of them.

Many of the accidents while using mobile phones include people walking into traffic, stepping into manholes, and tripping on curbs. Driving a car while texting or calling is also one of the most common reasons for such accidents.

Also, voice alarms can be downloaded to a person’s Smartphone to serve as a warning device whenever something is on his way.

The tech firms behind the idea clarified that they do not encourage people to use Smartphones while walking.

“I don't think we're going to eliminate people from walking into things outright and of course we want people to be responsible, but what we're trying to do is eliminate the friction point ... and give the user back a little mental bandwith,” the companies said.


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