Open an Online Mobile Application Store

Joining the mobile revolution as an online provider of mobile apps is a serious challenge. Be aware that the big tech guys are already there ahead.

However, although pioneering a new business in the mobile apps as an independent store is difficult, it is always possible. Learn some basic information about this topic from our guide.

Starting an online mobile application store is an ambitious, complicated and expensive endeavour. What with the tech top guys like Optus, Apple, Nokia and Microsoft already out there with their mobile application stores for their customer base to grab. Besides, some apps can even be acquired free. You just have to know which site to look in the Net.

To open an online mobile apps store, you must:

Have an array of applications available. As a single developer, this is a difficult task. Your best option is to work with IT consulting company abroad. Companies like this have alliances with software developers, animators and tech supports. As a tip, work only with registered companies rather than with freelancer in order to have legal protection in case problems arose.

You must have a payment system in place. Commonly, charges for mobile apps automatically go to the customer’s mobile bill or credit card.

You must build up traffic to your online store, which – if you are an independent and newly sprang store – could evolve at glacial speed.

You must adopt and implement traditional and modern techniques to boost revenue.

Here are some factors working against you that you must surpass if you want to open an online mobile application store:

Competitors already have hundreds and they launch them on several dozen countries and in various languages. They are already on the stage where they are already exploring “breakthroughs” like the possibility of having mobile apps available over broadband networks, and integrating social dynamics to their applications. Even the U.S. government is not lagging in the mobile revolution. It has plans of adding mobile apps for its citizens as one of its offerings.

Carriers, and telcos (like Telstra) are also working towards creating their own app store. And phone manufacturers are starting to integrate softwares in their devices such that their customers would no longer need to download them from third-party software providers.

Costwise, be aware that on the average apps are sold at between $3 and $9. Large businesses benefit from economies of scale. The great number of apps they sold translates to lower per unit developing cost. That is why they can put themselves ahead of smaller competitors in terms of price.

If you are a tech genius who is fixated with mobile apps or creating them, your other option is to “sell” their mobile apps to cell phone vendors. You “sell” your apps for the chance to get a percentage of the profit generated from your creations. Try visiting Nokia’s site for mobile application.


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