Reebok Settled With Nike

Reebok has been selling Tebow products such as t-shirts and jersey with the name of the of the New York Jets' quarterback name on it.

With this, last March 28, after Tebow was been part of the Jets, Nike filed a suit to Reebook with regards of selling sports products with Tim Tebow’s name.

Because of this, after one day, Reebok got a temporary order from the federal judge ordering them to stop producing Tebow products.

Reebok got an order from the court that they need to let their retailers know that they need to stop selling the "unauthorized Tebow sports apparel". If not, Reebok with be expose to liability.

According to court documents, Reebok finally came up with a settlement approving that they will stop selling apparels with the name Tebow (the football star).

From the documents filed in the U.S. District Court in New York, Reebok decided to finally put an end in with the manufacture, distribution and selling the sports apparel.

It was not mentioned in the document if there is any cash involved with the settlement made between Reebok and Nike. But it mentioned that there was no attorneys fees awarded to both parties.


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