Toyota Fixing Coolant Pumps of 650, 000 Prius Worldwide

Toyota Motor Corp, the largest automaker in the world, has announced problems in the pump system that cools the hybrid motors of its flagship green car Prius.

But the carmaker stressed that the fix in the coolant system is not a recall.

In another apparent blow to its reputation for quality, world’s largest automaker Toyota Motor Corp. announced on Tuesday that it will be replacing the pump system that cools the hybrid motors of some 650, 000 Prius cars.

In a statement released to the members of the media on Tuesday, Toyota Spokesperson Paul Nolasco said that the replacement of the coolant system in Prius cars – manufactured from 2004 to 2007 – is needed to prevent overheating in the hybrid system.

Of the 650, 000 Prius cars that were to be fixed, at least 390,000 are in North America and 180,000 are in Japan, while some 70,000 Prius vehicles were in Europe.

Nolasco explained that during pump malfunctions, the hybrid system automatically switches off and the car’s gasoline engine takes over to prevent overheating, making the Prius a regular car and cancels the idea of having a hybrid engine.

But the spokesperson stressed that the repair being carried out by Toyota is not a recall, saying that the move is only a “customer satisfaction campaign”.

“The problem doesn't warrant a recall under regulations where the vehicles have been sold,” Nolasco said.

Late last year, Toyota recalled more than 11 million vehicles due to faulty gas pedals, staling engines, and problematic braking system. The recall covered a massive range of Toyota vehicle models.


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