Toyota Assures 45-day Supply to US

Toyota Motor Corp., the largest carmaker in the world, said that it is “business as usual,” assuring its US dealers that supply would be enough for 45 days.

The company also said that it would be able to restore 70 percent production capacity in US factories by June.

World’s largest automaker Toyota Motor Corp. assured its dealers in the United States that the company has over 45 days of inventory, saying that it is “business as usual.”

Bob Carter, US brand sales chief for Toyota, said that the Japanese carmaker is in a healthy position to meet demand for its automobiles in the US despite reported shortage in auto parts from Japan.

Carter reiterated that the company would return to full operations in June, earlier than the previously announced return schedule of November.

“By June, US production would be at 70 percent, up from 30 percent production capacity in May,” the official said, adding that full production for all models and factories worldwide will be restored by the end of the year.

The executive said that the production line would include eight vehicle models including the Corolla and Carmy, which were built in North America.

Many experts lauded Toyota for its fast response to the situation, being able to restore production lines more quickly than other Japanese carmakers.

In March 11, Japan was rocked by an earthquake followed by a massive tsunami, devastating the northeastern part of the country.

The subsequent nuclear disaster and isolated power outages further complicated the burden being carried by Japanese automakers – particularly in securing vital auto parts for its factories in Japan and other parts of the world.


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