Toyota Announces Recall of some 4 Million Gas Pedals

Toyota, the world’s largest car manufacturer, announced recall of some 4 million gas pedals in several vehicle models, which reportedly caused major crashes after being stuck in the floor mats of the cars.

It will be recalled that it was the third largest recall in US history, which has also greatly affected Toyota’s operations.

The world’s largest automaker Toyota Motor Co. on Wednesday announced plans to replace some 4 million gas pedals in some vehicle models in the US after reports that it has the tendency to get stuck in the vehicles’ floor mats, causing sudden acceleration or worst leading to fatal accidents.

The recent announcement was the sixth largest recall in US history.

It will be recalled that the Japanese automaker announced the recall is September, thinking that it was the floor mats that causes the sudden acceleration. But deeper investigations showed that it was the gas pedals that need to be replaced.

Analysts said that the recall is a critical move by Toyota in order it restore its reputation following devastating results this year.

According to obtained documents, Toyota dealers will offer free modifications in the gas pedal, which will be cut by three-fourths of an inch.

The offer will start this coming January, which can be considered as a stopgap measure by Toyota. The Japanese-based carmaker said that they will come up with the replacement pedals in the next few months after the program.

Toyota said that beginning April, replacement pedals can be installed to affected vehicles on a rolling basis, adding that several car models will also get a free brake override system as a precautionary measure.


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