Toyota Conducts Recall in China, Biggest Ever

More than 688, 000 sedans were about to be pulled out of China as complaints flood the company headquarters due to defects on the cars' electric window systems.

It will be the biggest recall yet in the company's history, which will affect four sedan models.

Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Co. on Monday announced the pullout of some 688,000 vehicles in China following massive complaints by customers over the vehicles’ defective electric window system.

Toyota executives, in a statement issued on Monday, said that four vehicle models will be affected by the biggest recall yet in company history.

The sedan models include the Yaris, Camry, Corolla, and Vios. All the vehicle models were made between May 2006 to December 2008 under the partnership between Toyota and China, the executives said.

Based on the investigation conducted by Toyota engineers, excessive lubricants that were installed at the window panels and the electronic controls of the door may interfere with the closing and opening of the windows.

Toyota also said that the lubricant may cause short circuits at the window system.

So far, no injuries were reported due to the said defect. But Toyota is not taking anything for granted.

It will be recalled that Toyota has taken the title of “World’s Top Selling Automaker” from rival General Motors in 2008. The car company is now trying to maintain its global status despite recent blows from the recession prompting it to slash thousands of jobs.

The company also posted the biggest annual loss in March 2009, which sums up to hundreds of billions of dollars.


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