China’s Youth Choosy on Their Jobs

China’s youth are becoming choosy on what jobs they should take. Many of the next Generation leaders said that low paying jobs, homesickness, and better offers near their homes were the main reason why the once booming Chinese metropolis are losing workforce.

Many of the expert fear that this migration will hit back China’s economy in the near future.

The Chinese manufacturing sector is now complaining about major shortage in manpower in the coming years as China’s next generation become choosy about what jobs they should take.

Based on recent reports, bulletin board and other advertisements for jobs are now filled with vacancies and notices from companies looking for that important manpower. Many of the experts believe that jobs from photocopiers to storekeepers pay too low, the main reason why Chinese youth refused to take offers.

The jobs also have no career advancement, which of the main options that China’s youth are looking for in a job.

China’s Pearl River Delta, the country’s manufacturing region, reported that there is a dire need of additional workforce in the factories after workers began leaving for a higher paying job.

The anxiety of factory owners were even raised higher as millions of China’s migrant workers started going back to their provinces for the Lunar New Year celebration. The owners feared that a few weeks of vacation will affect the production line and that the workers will no longer return to the factories.

Chinese authorities said that the main reason why the once booming coastal regions were losing workers are: the farm policies of the government, better offers to migrant workers, jobs closer to homes, and development of interior provinces.

Stimulus package by the government and other infrastructure projects have also attracted many of the workers to shift careers.


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