Toyota Suffers Honda's Fate, Chinese Workers Hold Strike

Toyota Motor Corp., the largest automobile maker in the world, has suffered the same fate as Honda Motor Co. after its workers in China held a strike.

The strike was held at its supplier's plant in Southern China where workers are now decided to push for better working condition and higher pays.

 The world’s largest automaker, Toyota Motor Corp. became the latest carmaker to be hit by strike after Chinese workers refused to resume their jobs at its parts supplier in China.

But despite the strike, Beijing-based Toyota China Spokesman Niu Yu said that its production lines were not affected, saying that the suppliers were able to deal with the workers.

“Because it was short-lived, the operations in all our car assembly plants have not been affected,” Niu added.

Many of economists expressed concern over the latest strike in China, saying that the increasing unrest among the Chinese migrant workers, which is considered as the backbone of the industrial sector in the country, could spread quickly and affect its developing economy.

Around 800 Toyoda Gosei Co. Ltd. workers had immediately ended the strike the same day after the company vowed to review its salary structure.

Despite being a national holiday, Niu said that the plant has resumed operations Wednesday afternoon to make up for the losses and time.

Asked for the details of the wage increase proposed by the management, Niu refused to comment, saying that they still have to study the procedures.

It will be recalled that Honda Motor Co. workers held devastating strikes, asking the company for a wage increase. The carmaker has to implement three rounds of wage increases to convince the workers to resume with their duties.


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