Workers Halt Negotiation with Dunkin’ Donuts

The negotiation between Dunkin’ Donut’s supplier Northeast DCP and the worker’s union has been halted after the two parties failed to come up with an agreement that would cover benefits, union dues, and other employment issues.

New England: The worker’s union from Dunkin’ Donut’s supplier Northeast DCP said the negotiation with the company is halted after the two parties failed to come up with an agreement regarding employment issues, union dues, and benefits.

The union has previously demanded that current employees pay union dues or face termination but has been turned down by the company which believes that every worker should have the right to choose to pay his or her contributions.

In an effort to compromise, Northeast DCP has proposed mandatory union dues only to employees who want to join the union. However, this proposal was turned down and resulted to the postponement of the negotiation deal.

In a statement, Northeast DCP chief executive Kevin Bruce said he is expecting that the union representatives “will return to the table to continue the negotiation process in order to avoid unnecessary and disruptive situations.”

“With the uncertain economy, it is a win-win situation for both parties to continue the negotiation process…considering that the company is bargaining in good faith in order to reach a viable agreement on the remaining issues”, Bruce said.

The chief executive added that the company is providing “highly competitive pays and benefits to its drivers and helpers” which he cited as a reason enough for the union representatives to “go back to the negotiation table.”


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