Tips on Employee Transfer Agreement

If you are thinking of transferring to another position or office, you will need to have a thorough understanding of the employee transfer agreement.

Oftentimes, the agreement has a lot of legal concerns and requirements that you have to be familiar with. Before signing any document, you must consult a reputable lawyer first.

Tips on Employee Transfer Agreement – About the Transfer

Employee transfers are usually possible within an organization under classified or non-classified positions. The lateral move will usually involve moving into a position with similar price range as well as duties and responsibilities. Before an employee can transfer, an employee transfer agreement should be accomplished. This can also be applied to employees who are going to be relocated. This will usually involve the key persons in an organization. The state government recognizes transfer of employees and when the new location is more than 35 miles away from the actual residence, moving expenses are usually provided by the employer. Only the full time and half time employees are covered.

Regardless of the situation that you’re into, you have to consult a reputable lawyer who can help you in preparing the employee transfer agreement. There are legalities concerned and since it involves two parties, you should ensure that everything is properly addressed. Make sure that before you fill out the form for employee transfer, your lawyer should be present. Among the pieces of info that you need to provide are the following – name, address, telephone, ID, SSS, current position, department, work location, employment date, position, etc. You will also need to sign the document.

Tips on Employee Transfer Agreement – Finding a Lawyer

In most cases, you will no longer be entitled to your old position once you sign the agreement but since the contents of the agreement can vary, you have to read it thoroughly before you affix your signature. The lawyer can help you in better understanding the contents of the agreement. Even if hiring a lawyer can be an added expense, this is a worthy decision because you can also benefit in the long run. You can also make use of the internet to learn more about the employee transfer agreement. There are many samples online that you can check out. The agreement varies from one company or organization to another since it depends on the parties concerned and the conditions or stipulations.

By studying these sample agreements, you can have an idea of what the employee transfer agreement is all about. By simply doing your homework, you can easily accomplish the agreement without encountering many problems. Start looking for a reputable lawyer in your area who is an expert in dealing with employer transfer agreements. The internet is the best place to search for the right lawyer who can help you with your needs. Why don’t you log in on the web now and learn more about the agreement.


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