How to Start Solar Energy Business

You can become one of the big entrepreneurs in this business that requires no financial investment. Investing your talent and passion in the solar energy business will make you a successful entrepreneur.

With the effects of climate change that we are experiencing now blamed on the destruction of our environment, many people now have become concerned about what is currently happening.

They are now more energy-saving and going green when it comes to the things they use. Now, this gives rise to the use of so many solar-powered gadgets and home equipment that lessened the pollution and conserved big deals of energy. The revolution of this option has been big now in the United State and everything that has something to do with the solar industry is definitely growing. Now, knowing how to start a solar energy business will make sense… and profits!

Starting your own solar energy business can become big even if you are also one of the consumers of these products. It starts with renting a solar energy system for your home. In order to give you the step-by-step method then keep on reading.

It starts with being a solar energy consultant where you have to educate these people on how they can use the solar energy system and save a lot of energy and even make a business out of it with no investments at all. All they have to do is to learn and use solar energy by renting it. Rent is just cost-effective using that solar equipment that is easy to install. What you can do as a solar energy consultant is to make them learn and then make them adopt the solar (PV) technology. Just like what you did, you can make them learn how they can rent and use the system and start having their own business for renewable energy. This is just the start and you must have the desire to make a difference in order to be successful with this pretty easy business.

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An experienced sales manager is the one that will support you as an entrepreneur or solar energy consultant. If you succeed in the marketing team, you will have the chance to become the sales manager sooner. It may look like a marketing level but you are actually an independent business owner which uses a combination of direct marketing and franchising.

All you have to do is to complete the necessary training and passing them means you are now eligible for registration to manage your own solar energy business. With this small business opportunity, you will have to do the second step which is training for detailed information about the solar energy industry. You will be given training tools and they will teach you how everything works which include the installation of the system. Having knowledge of electricity is not necessary because it is actually easy to install. What you need to do is to be attentive and open-minded. What’s good about being involved in this business is that the support is ongoing and everyone will surely succeed and earn.

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  • Nagesh said on December 30, 2009
    i am from NCR India (Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon). how can i start a solar energy business here?
  • Jerome D. Terry said on January 4, 2010
    i am interesting in solar energy business and would like to start one in Denver Colorado. 80216, USA
  • gloria said on January 5, 2010
    Would like to start same business in West Africa
  • Murali said on January 10, 2010
    i am from hyderabad would like to start solar energy business
  • mohd. imran khan said on January 11, 2010
    I am doing business in share and commodity market. I want to doing business in SOLAR ENERGY. so what i can do ?
  • Boye said on January 14, 2010
    I am based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and will like to start a solar energy business. How do I go about this?
  • chris_b said on January 16, 2010
    chris based in benin nigeria. Am interested in venturing into solar energy business over here. Kindly grant me tips on the subject. Thanks
  • vijay said on January 27, 2010
    I am from vizag, andhra pradesh and would like to start a solar energy business
  • Masooma Hassan said on January 29, 2010
    I live in Switzerland and am interested in starting a solar energy business in Pakistan. Please let me know how to go further with it. thank you
  • riyanna said on January 29, 2010
    i am interested in solar energy business, how to start one in Toronto Canada
  • Syed nizam Ali said on January 31, 2010
    I want to trade in solar products in delhi/ncr india. Please suggest
  • mamidi aravind reddy said on February 1, 2010
    i am from hyderabad a.p, india. i would like to start a solar energy business. please help me in this matter, thank u.
  • pavan kumar said on February 4, 2010
    i am from ongole i am impressed and i would like to start could u help me in this.
  • vikas said on February 12, 2010
    I am from Chandler, Arizona, USA and we have ample sunshine here; I am interested to start Solar Energy System. Pls help/ suggest. thanks!!
  • Albert Chivaka said on February 15, 2010
    Glen View, HARARE, Zimbabwe. I am interested in the solar energy business, but I need more information on issues like how to set it up, how much power can be generated at least and at most. I think this is a project that i can pursue here. Please give me as much detail as possible. Thanks in advances
  • Maica said on February 18, 2010
    Would be interested in more details about how to start such a business. I'm located in Toronto, ON
  • nisha sharma said on February 19, 2010
    hi i want to start solar energy business. i'm from mumbai, india
  • Fazlul Haque Surja said on February 23, 2010
    I am from Bangladesh a country with 40% area without electricity facilities, farmers still use diesel to run water pump for irrigation etc. I would like to start solar energy business, solar pump, village electrification by solar, solar cooking, solar lighting in individual home etc. pls. advise
  • kalpana said on February 25, 2010
    In chennai. I would be interested in the above. Could u furnish with detail. Thank you!
  • Raja said on February 26, 2010
    i have 3-4 acres of land @ chennai outskirts. i would like to set up a solar field in that area, could you please provide more information on this. chennai (outskirts) india
  • Chandrasen Nahar said on February 27, 2010
  • Ankit said on March 6, 2010
    It seems really good idea. I hope this will be future of energy producing techniques! Can you please get back go me? Business location: 1) Pune (India), 2) Gujarat (India)
  • George said on March 7, 2010
    Hi i'm George from South Africa i'm very interested in solar energy business i would appreciate more information and partnerships from players in this field all over on how to run this business going forward. email
  • satyanarayana said on March 8, 2010
    i am from hyderabad ap india i need maximum possible information as required to start with. please provide me the same at the earliest.
  • Sathyanarayanan.K said on March 14, 2010
    Hi, i am from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, with small investment, how can i start this business, i need full information, pls help
  • rao said on March 17, 2010
    i am from East Godavari, i would like to start solar business, please advise
  • Hariharan Gajendran said on March 18, 2010
    I am from Chennai, India with a good back ground of Electrical engineering. We would like to start a new company with solar technology. Do mail us the details, Hariharan, Gajendraa Electric Company.
  • Amarnath said on March 22, 2010
    Hi, can u please give some more information regarding the project. Training details, Initial setup cost, working capital. how much power can we generate from the project. Amar Raavi
  • tarun said on March 24, 2010
    hi, i am from hyderabad and would like to get the complete information on this idea. so plz revert ASAP..
  • pankaj mahoba said on March 28, 2010
    Hi, i am pankaj mahoba from madhya paredsh i have to start solar energy business in my state but i have no way to start i belong from village and i have sufficient land to start this business so kindly suggest me to start effectively. Thanks pankaj mahoba +919425475466 INDIA
  • Venkateshwarlu Kaparapu said on March 28, 2010
    Hi, I am committed to use Solar Energy and will be exploring German FIT option in Renewable technology. Please give direction in this front. Regards, Venkat
  • Narayan said on March 29, 2010
    Hello! I am very much interested to start solar power energy related business in Nepal, as Nepal is in energy crisis due to lack of sufficient hydro powers. Please give me some ideas so that solar power can be converted into energy needed for household work and to use for electrical devices like TV and computers. Thanks
  • Bhushan said on April 2, 2010
    I am from maharashtra, interested to start Renewable Energy Business like Solar Power and wind power kindly give me some ideas and help me out. thanks
  • amit srivastava said on April 5, 2010
    Hi..!I am thinking to start business in solar energy. Kindly give me some Idea how i can start this business with low investment.
  • Chiraag jain said on April 13, 2010
    Hi...I am interested in starting business in field of solar energy but do not have funds for it, if someone would also be interested please contact me. Chiraag Jain,
  • Raj said on April 16, 2010
    I am Raj from Hyderabad, India. I am interested to start solar energy business. Kindly provide me complete details.
  • Gaurav Jain said on April 17, 2010
    I am Gaurav from Amritsar (Punjab). i want to start business in field of solar energy. Kindly guide me.
  • Rakesh said on April 18, 2010
    NCR/Delhi/India - Please share some details .... how to start ... initial investment required etc.
  • Manoj Kumar said on April 19, 2010
    Hello! I am from NCR (India). I am very much interested to start solar power energy related business with with small investment, how can i start this business, i need full information, pls help.
  • manoj kumar said on April 19, 2010
    Hi, I want to start a solor energy business in Bhubaneswar, Orissa with small investment. I am doing a job over here. Please provide me full information
  • Kishore said on April 19, 2010
    Hi, I would like to start Solar energy business in Guntur, Andhra pradesh, India. Could you please share further details.
  • sudipta chowdhury said on April 21, 2010
    i am very much interested in solar energy business pls suggest how to start this business how much investment required for it and how much return comes from it please suggest
  • sanjib b bhardwaj said on April 21, 2010
    Hello, We would like to start solar business in 7 states of North East India, please provide us the expertise for the same. Guwahati, Assam (INDIA)
  • piyush holani said on April 21, 2010
    Hi, I want to start a solor energy business in aurangabad Orissa with small investment. I am doing a job over here. Please provide me full information
  • Amit Shinde said on April 22, 2010
    hi, we are looking upto opportunities to start up our own small business in this field as both of us are from the environmental science background and thoroughly interested in solar power business..
  • Sapana Kamble said on April 22, 2010
    pune based looking for any business opportunities in the solar energy sector.
  • Amit Shinde said on April 22, 2010
    am looking for some business opportunities in Pune related to solar energy would like to know minimum investment required the pay back period some franchisee options some major players in pune market etc, also what kind of space would be required..
  • Goutham said on April 22, 2010
    I Want to setup a Solar Energy Business in INDIA, Andhrapradesh i need information about how can i setup? how much capital do i need to invest?
  • Brundaban said on April 22, 2010
    Hi, I want to start a solar energy business in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Please provide me full information like how can I start this business, and what is investment, and other requirements. Regards, Brundaban
  • R S Bagga said on April 23, 2010
    Hi i am from kolkatta and want to get into solar energy business pls guide me
  • sachin jain said on April 24, 2010
    pl provide further details on solar power generation in maharashtra regards Sachin
  • ponnarasu said on April 25, 2010
    i am in eager to do solar business. pls tell me the ideas about that. my contact no 9751877625
  • Vinay said on April 27, 2010
    hi, I m from delhi India, want to start a business regarding solar energy, plz pass information if any, my no. 9540009509
  • Vinod Rajappan said on April 28, 2010
    Hi, I want to start a solar energy business in Kerala, Alappuzha. Please provide me full information like how can I start this business, and what is investment, and other requirements. Regards Vinod
  • satya prakash said on April 28, 2010
    hi, i am from jaipur & want to start owned business of solar energy. kindly guide, suggest & provide total information for this.
  • julio said on April 30, 2010
    lets get started a solar energy business in dalton GA, 30721
  • Swami said on May 3, 2010
    Hi, I'm currently an IT engineer and want to switch over to Solar energy business especially in rural areas. Can u please provide pointers and methods for the same. I'm preferring to do business in Andhra Pradesh or Maharshtara.
  • Lawrence.M said on May 6, 2010
    Hi, currently am working in Lighting R&D. Interested to make business in Solar, Please suggest me some ideas.
  • CHHOTON SAHA said on May 6, 2010
    Hi, I am a Civil Engineer. Residence at Katwa, Burdwan, West bengal(India), pin-713130. now-a-days Facing the scarcity of electricity @ reducing the fossil fuel, myself very much interested to use solar energy for ourselves..So please give some ideas about to start this money reqd, land reqd., whom to contact, and various data required connecting to start the above business..Thank you.
  • Bharat M Randeria said on May 9, 2010
    I am residing in Mumbai India and want to start new business in solar & wind power energy please guide me
  • Sushmita Reddy said on May 10, 2010
    I am 20 Yrs. old. want to start this business.Pl. guide me.
  • -chandra sekhar said on May 12, 2010
    hai, plz give me more information regarding the business and how much i have to invest here. andhra pradesh
  • Subhrakant said on May 13, 2010
    Hi, I am from Orissa and want to enter into Solar Energy Business. Your suggestions would surely help me with the same. Please give me more information regarding this business opportunity.
  • Ashley Sneddon said on May 14, 2010
    I am wanting to start a solar energy in South Africa. Please help. Thanks.
  • S. Howard said on May 14, 2010
    Do you have insight to new technology in your professional field? Are there any newsletters that you recommend to stay up on the latest solar and renewable energy technologies. WE are starting a new business in USA and need all the help that you may offer. how about distributors or manufacturers looking for distributors.. WE are looking for that opportunity..
  • Douglas Drew said on May 17, 2010
    Brisbane Queensland Australia - We are starting a Solar energy business which aims to provide solar farms with in the city. Specialize in Shopping center do you know any companies who already specialize in this area.
  • Winkle said on May 17, 2010
    Please let me know how to start solar energy business in Delhi, NCR. Whats the procedure?
  • ANANTHRAJ said on May 18, 2010
    yes this is an interesting subject that one should venture in not only for ourselves but also for the nation. Hence i am interested. Can u pl send the full details of this proposal in north karnataka. Regards, Ananthraj
  • pradeep kumar said on May 19, 2010
  • Jahanzeb Shaker said on May 20, 2010
    Hi, I am from germany and I want to start a solar energy business in pakistan, but I donĀ“t know what kind law restrictions there are in pakistan. how is it possible to start a business like in pakistan? Please give me some information. It would be so kind of you.
  • GORDON ARTHUR said on May 20, 2010
    HI, am from Takoradi in the western region of Ghana and a very much ardent follower of solar energy technology. I am considering venturing into solar energy business and i need all the supports i can.
  • Cody said on May 22, 2010
    Hi all, we have been venturing in solar energy business for 10 years. should nay needs or help, please contact us at:
  • Cody said on May 22, 2010
    Hello all, we are sell solar panes and LED light, if you have interest for it, please contact me, I will send details to you, anything you want, please contact me:
  • Haro said on May 25, 2010
    I'm from Kolkata (India). How I can start solar energy business here? How I compare solar energy with conventional energy? Is solar energy cost effective with conventional energy?
  • rao said on May 27, 2010
    I am from Kerala, India, where we get sunshine throughout the year. So I think solar energy is best suited here. Please advice me on the biz proposal
  • gurdayal Daultani said on May 30, 2010
    I am based in Vashi with Science background & interested in diversifying biz in Solar field. Any help in this direction would be appreciated.
  • Rakesh Singh said on June 2, 2010
    Delhi NCR, interested in solar business. Need more information and the investment range. Rakesh -9015531459
  • R.K.Sharma said on June 3, 2010
    Dear sir, I have started solar energy business with servicing / repairing and AMC old system which are not in working condition. I want to start new installation of the systems. Please let us know what should I do. Thanking you, R.K.SHARMA 9350888116.
  • sanjay singh said on June 3, 2010
    Dear Sir, I am interested to do this business in delhi, India. Kindly provide me details how to start this business. Thanks
  • vijay said on June 3, 2010
    I am interested in starting solar energy venture in visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh. kindly provide details vijay
  • Lakshmi Prasad J said on June 4, 2010
    Hi... I want to start solar business in AP. Pls help me with all the info.
  • rambabu said on June 4, 2010
    Dear Friends, I am eagerly looking for solar products dealership in prakasam. If u aware of this plz let me know who to approach. Regards rambabu 9640782388
  • prasanna said on June 5, 2010
    hi sir, i want to start solar energy business in kadapa, chitoor districts in andhrapradesh state. our area has got highest record temperature at every year. plz send me details about the total project
  • Rashid Shaikh said on June 7, 2010
    Hi, I am really impressed with idea of Solar energy business, kindly forward me the required information for further process of the idea for the region of Mumbai, India.
  • RANA said on June 13, 2010
    Hi, I am a resident of Phillaur, a small town at Punjab, Pl. guide me whether this opportunity could be availed here and means required to do so. Also, please give some ideas about to start this money reqd, land reqd., whom to contact, and various data required connecting to start the above business. Thank you.
  • Debendu Haldar said on June 14, 2010
    Hello, I want to set up a business ( Sales and service ) for solar systems in Dhanbad ( JHARKHNAD ).
    1. Please help me with the estimate to start up with the business.
    2. Whom do I contact for some hands on about this revolutionary product?( Input of the product and some training to understand the working of a solar system ).
    My contact info :- 09911402320 till the end of July 2010 and then would change to 09934378714. Thanks for your co-operation in advance.
  • PRAVIN KADAM said on June 18, 2010
  • Vijay Tewari said on June 23, 2010
    Hi, I am in Lucknow, U.P. I want to start a solar business here. What should be done and whats the investment.
  • kesava chandra raja said on June 26, 2010
    sir i am from vishakapatnam and doing generator sales i would like to know more about the solar products and potential in marketing in coastal AP
  • deepak kushwaha said on June 30, 2010
    Sir i am interested to start the solar energy business i am based in delhi kindly provide me the essential details. regards deepak kushwaha
  • hiren gada said on July 4, 2010
    hi, i m hiren gada from mumbai india. currently i'm doing a food business in the name of HARRISON FOODS. now i'm very very curious about solar energy and i want to start solar energy business in mumbai and in maharastra. i have a very strong hand in marketing. so please kindly help me to start my new business and please reply as soon as possible. thank u.
  • R.Ramesh said on July 4, 2010
    Helo am having 16 years experience in solar pv module manufacturing plant designing and development od solar modules from 3W to 400W, selection of raw material, solar machinaries, supplier development, establishment of QMS and process line. Interaction with TUV, UL, BRE, ETDC, CPRI, CQAL, SEC, for solar product approval. And also interaction with global customers, handling of customer support, Any investors want to enter in solar energy business please call my cell no: 09845111580
  • muktighosh said on July 4, 2010
    I am from memari, west bengal is a small suburb. I would like to do solar business. Please tell how I can start this business. How much money and space require.
  • Kory said on July 13, 2010
    Hi, Please send more information on the solar business. I have a construction business in Medford Oregon
  • Bill said on July 26, 2010
    Inquiry about this business opportunity for Sydney Australia Thanks Bill
  • srinivas.kothakota said on July 26, 2010
    respected sir/madam, i'm srinivas.k from hyderabad, i'm interested in establishing of small scale industry.present scenario due to large volume of consumption of electricity, as it become costlier to use, i planed to encourage business in solar energy. i heard that indian government is encouraging for this solar energy utility products. i'm from hyderabad, andhra pradesh, india.
  • Ken said on July 27, 2010
    I have been building Solar Panels for over a year now and found out that I can build better and a lot cheaper than any industry on the market. I am thinking about going into business and install commercially and some residential. Missouri based company needing quality people.
  • kvv ratnareddy said on July 30, 2010
    I am not having any idea on solar energy system, firstly I would like to study theoretically & practically about conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. I am living in vizianagaram ANDHRAPRADESH, near by where can i study about this. please suggest me & guide me
  • Theophilus Theodore said on August 7, 2010
    Hi, Interested in starting my own business, for all type of solar energy saving,water heaters, lighting, A/C, chillers etc. send me the technical spec cost, at present in oman.
  • rukma maryada said on August 9, 2010
    Hi i am interesting start business solar energy system in rural area. could u give me the details of how many acres land i need and how much money need to start business and how its works like present business suchivation like competition . could give me the reply i would like to appreciate you. thanks for your time


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