SWOT Analysis of Hotel Industry

The SWOT analysis is very important especially in the hotel industry. When it comes to tourism, the hotel industry is very important. In fact, it is a supporting service that affects the presence of tourists in a certain place.

The SWOT analysis is vital to determine if the industry is helping in the achievement of tourism goals.

SWOT Analysis of Hotel Industry – Strengths and Weaknesses

When it comes to tourism, the hotel industry is very important. In fact, it is a supporting service that affects the presence of tourists in a certain place. How else can tourists stay in a place if there are no hotels? The SWOT analysis is vital to determine if the industry is helping in the achievement of tourism goals. By identifying the weaknesses, the hotels can better address potential problems in the future. SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. The analysis can vary from one place to another and so you can’t just copy the SWOT analysis of other places.

For now, you can focus on the hotel industry of India. The strengths of the industry include having several quality hotels in the country that are able to meet the demands of tourists. You can also find international players in the industry and here’s good news for you – the manpower costs are the lowest. The country has many tourist destinations that offer potential growth for hotel owners. The industry also has weaknesses and this includes the following – land is expensive in India and most hotels are staffed heavily! The tax structure in the country is also higher as compared to other countries and the hotel rooms in the country are far lesser as well. The services offered by hotels are limited and will not meet with the world standards.

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Opportunities and Threats

The opportunities are also promising in this country. You see, the demand for tourists is also easily managed. The peak season in the country is from September to March. Over the long term, the hotel industry has growth potential. When it comes to diverse topography, India is one of the best. The heritage hotels are great and can provide tourists with a unique experience. Having an online presence like a website or the option of online hotel booking can be beneficial.

If there are opportunities, you can also find threats. Most of the hotels in India are now being replaced by guest hotels. The trend for guest hotels is increasing and so the hotel industry can be greatly affected. Tourists also have second thoughts about visiting India because of the political turbulence there. The manpower is not trained well and so the industry is easily affected by the country’s economic conditions. Through the SWOT analysis, the hotel industry in India can better meet the needs of tourists. The SWOT analysis can be applied in different industries and for hotels, this is also necessary. Before you start a hotel business in your area, be sure to conduct this analysis before entering the market.

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  • Shahid Umar said on April 1, 2013
    @Asslamualaikum: I've completed my degree in 2011 and i'm experienced person so i am telling you that plz link to any hotel industry bcz your desires will be completed in this way
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  • saiganeshsaree said on September 20, 2013
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