How to Sell to Hotels

Are you a business-minded person who has certain products on-hand like home-made jewelries, laundry soaps, or images and you sought after to know how to sell to hotels?

Hotel establishments are the good target to market your products because of the big opportunity to earn money from the guests; hence here are the pointers on how to sell to hotels.

Selling Products to Hotel Establishments

When you decide to create products and sell them for a livelihood, the first thing that come out in your mind is “where” and “how” to sell for your business. If your capital does not permit you to rent a space for a storefront and your home is quite far away to be reached by your clientele, you can use another option which is selling your products directly to hotel establishments located in the business districts of the city.

Nevertheless, selling various products like laundry soaps, home-made jewelries, images, and souvenir items to hotels in town would not be simple if you lack of knowledge on how to approach the establishment to ask permission to sell your goods to the guests. And also, you should also learn some sales aspects to make sure that your featured items are okay for the taste of the guests so you can attain your target sales output. In view of this, here are some valuable pointers on to sell to hotels with some marketing approach and strategies.

Essential Pointers on How to Sell to Hotels

The hardest part of a business is marketing the products and to look for a place where it can be sold, particularly if you don’t have a storefront to showcase your featured items. One of the best places to market are the hotels which houses many guests and tourists who have basic needs to buy and to shop for souvenirs that they can bring back home as a sort of remembrance. Just follow these tips if you want to successfully sell your products to hotels.

  • Learn the Terms and Conditions of the Hotel
  • When you offer business to certain establishment like hotels, it is vital to communicate first with the owner or executives to ask permission to sell. This is a basic protocol since the owner has the right to protect the guests from abusive vendors and to ensure their safety as well. Learn what is required and which things should not be practiced inside the establishment. Follow the rules accordingly. Sell only on the area that where you are allowed to sell like the lobby or the reception area.

  • Offer Products that Catches the Interest of the Guests
  • Your main goal is to earn, so your products should pass on the taste of the guests. For instance, if you’re selling home-made jewelries, think of a design which is unique on the eyes of the guest. For images, make sure it is attractive and with an interesting theme to attract buyers. On the other hand, if you’re selling home-made detergents, you should guarantee that the ingredients are effective and safe. Most hotels need laundry detergents to wash the clothes of their guests as part of their service.

  • Set Reasonable Prices
  • Pricing affects the chances of your products to be purchased. Be reasonable and explain to your customers articulately why they need to buy your items and what benefits them when they buy your product.

These pointers should help you in selling your products to hotels, yet it is important to have a good relationship with the establishment so you can continue your business with less worry at all.


  • Jay Fraser said on December 27, 2012
    Hello how do I go about selling my camp in Kenya Masai Mara.
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    Carlsbad, CA. I have two innovative hotel products that can help reduce the incidence of back related injuries, damage to hotel property, help reduce guest complaints and make hallways look less tacky. I sell door stops and replacement straps for upright rollaway beds. I am looking for creative ways to market to hotels.
  • Rossana Kelton said on July 2, 2013
    Atlanta, Georgia. I would like to sell my artwork to hotels. How do I find out who is the interior designer who purchases art for the hotel? The purchasing agent? How does that market work? Who are the buyers and how do I supply it?
  • Vince said on January 2, 2014
    We are a Manufacturer of world class AM/FM Radios, how do I sell into Hotels? I'd like to sell a radio for each Hotel room.
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  • Laura martinez said on July 16, 2015
    Hello I am a massage therapist and would like to offer the amazing benefits of massage to hotel guests. How do I prepare a start up conversation or letter or even a resume? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Cleveland Ohio
  • Miss Hazera Ali said on August 9, 2015
    London UK, I want to supply towels and blankets to hotels for competitive prices. How do I approach hotels like Hilton ibis premier inn and so on. Please let me know
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    I am an RN and have founded a cosmetics and skin care line that is made with the finest ingredients, very easy to use (many blended options) and also includes a gluten free, allergy free line. These products have been used for television, photo shoots, billboards and runway. I am interested in selling my products to a hotel spa and gift shop. Thank you!
  • Wolfgang said on March 12, 2017
    We are selling our hotel-restaurant in the Dutch Caribbean on a beautiful crime free nature island. The island is off the beaten path famous for its diving. How to find a buyer?
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