How to Sell TV Show

To sell a TV show, you must understand the television industry. You don't have to be an expert to sell shows.

Create a new and unique idea; from there, you can hire an agent to represent you.

People are usually loaded with ideas; if you have the talent or skill, you should know how to sell a TV show. Conceiving and selling an idea in a marketable format can be challenging, especially for first-timers. However, with the right resources, it is possible to thrive in this kind of venture. At present, there is extreme competition in terms of television programming. You should know the television industry quite well to pursue the right direction. Not everyone is gifted to have this kind of talent, and if you’re one of them, it is possible to make it big.

Some Facts to Know

Experience is the best tool for why companies and individuals produce specific ideas for TV. You can build a relationship with industry executives whether the TV show is purchased. Once you thoroughly understand the direct relations with these executives, you will know the kind of TV show to offer them and guarantee sales. A complete script can help when you present it to the producer because it will serve as the basis of the project's potential. A brief outline or synopsis is not good, and you will surely find it hard to sell the show.

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What You Must Do?

You must know how things work in the television industry. Here are the steps to get started:

  • The Idea
  • The Pitch
  • The course of action based on the idea

Since you’re planning to sell a TV show, the idea should come from YOU. You can focus on a sitcom, game show, or any other show you can think of. Once you have the idea, you have to work it out fast. For instance, if you plan to create a reality show, you need to decide on the concept, or perhaps if you focus on a game show, you should determine how the game works, etc. Most of today’s TV executives are looking for creative and new ideas, so there is a high chance for you to sell the show.

The pitch is vital if you want to close the sale. You need to discuss the project with a potential buyer in such as way that you get them very interested. You can do it for 10 to 15 minutes but ensure all the required info is provided. If you want, you can hire an agent to represent you in front of the TV executives. Choose someone with a vast network in the industry. Know the show, and you can succeed.


  • thabang said on September 17, 2011
    i am in South africa germiston,Joburg i have an idea for tv show but i do not know how to pitch them or can i get an agent to do it on my behalf. i have no tv experience my email tel 011904-1202
  • nishant kumar said on December 8, 2011
    hi, i am from india and i have developed a tv gameshow format/concept and i want to sell it. i phoned endemol but they said they dont buy any type of concept. i am feeling very disheartened , if you can give me some genuine tv agent , executive details ,or whom to contact .then may be i can make a deal. Please help. Thanks.
  • Malapela lindiwe said on February 20, 2012
    hey i'm from south africa johannesburg and i have a modeling show that i would like to propose to a production company that is open to new ideas because this idea is fresh and new,the show is a success i just need a production company.
  • andre said on June 7, 2012
    I am from columbus ohio and i have very good gameshow idea i'm working the concept out now i just wanna get my idea in the right hands email
  • Slim said on August 28, 2012
    I'm from Nigeria, I got a tv public participation game show to sell. Presently I'm done with the design (how it works)but hasn't got the contact to unveil it to the public. Advice please.
  • chris herter said on September 17, 2012
    I have 3 ideas that can make the gameshow industry
  • thabo said on September 18, 2012
    Hi, I am in South Africa, Vereeniging I have a television programme that would be a great benefit to the youth but I don't know where to start, i have already summarized my idea and am confident about it. my email please help.
  • pearl said on October 8, 2012
    I have a tv show idea that I would like to pitch and I don't have any tv experience my idea is one in a million I'm @ johannesburg
  • Onyeka said on November 2, 2012
    Hi, i am from Nigeria, i have a good tv game show. Everything is ready but i need a good agent to show my idea to discussion. Please, help
  • Muni Natesan said on November 15, 2012
    Hi, I have a short film maker and i have scripted a unique TV musical reality show format. i want to sell the same. but know whom to contact for this n india. i came to know from endemol site that they are purchasing the formats but when i approached their india office, no body responds. pl give me any contact no to sell my format to the broadcasters or production houses.
  • eliza said on December 5, 2012
    Well hello my name is eliza ,I must say I really love your article but ash it has been very hard to selling my idea. Problem is I have no experience in the tv industry ,I don't know where and how can I get a agent or tv production house that can listen to my idea ,I am very confident that my idea can keep the whole of south africa glued to their screen. email
  • Vuyelwa Mandla said on December 23, 2012
    Hi I'm from South Africa in Johannesburg, I have a brilliant tv programme idea I would like to share but I don't know the right channels to do it. Please advice me on how to go about it.
  • Jacqueline Kapasa Musonda said on December 25, 2012
    Hello I am from Ndola, Zambia and have an original idea about a television programme dealing with Early Childhood Development issues. However, I have no experience in television and need agent representation - do you know any agents that offer their services for free? Email: Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Jacqueline.
  • michelle said on January 13, 2013
    hi i dont have a business or nothing just a person with a good show idea. Dont want to be a producer or anything just looking to sell my idea if you like it for a cheap prize. If you want to hear of it please email me a response.
  • Isaac mabaso said on February 8, 2013
    I don't want to sell my concept, I just need a partner in all of this who know the industry very well. I will not say I have the best idea in the world, but a show that can steal people hearts and create a change in peoples lives
  • Dwight Nhlanhla Mbuli said on February 9, 2013
    Hi! My name is Dwight Mbuli from South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg. I have a wonderful unique reality tv programme that I would love to sell to people in production out there and sort of need to be pointed to the right direction. I have no interest to be part of the programme and its production, I am only interested in selling the idea and live everything else to the experts. I have the concept and the programme would benefit mostly the South African youth. Thank you, my email:
  • bernice dollie said on February 26, 2013
    hi my name is bernice dollie and i have a brilliant idia for a talk show verything about the show is real and based on true stories , I have a partner in all of this who knows the industry very well his name is alfred all we need is directions and the right contacts please advice . I will not say I have the best idea in the world, but a show that can steal people hearts and create a change in peoples lives
  • ikson said on February 26, 2013
    I need to find an agent and a producer for a tv reality show. Any ideas? Live in nigeria, lagos state
  • Mzi said on March 6, 2013
    We are starting up our business that focuses on TV & Radio Productions and Events Management. We are interested in new and fresh ideas, that will "WOW" the South African audience. We do not encourage people to send us their ideas, but rather that we engage and form partnerships, that will be mutually benefit everyone. If you would like us to talk send me a mail at | We are South African Based.
  • JW WILLIS,esq. said on April 3, 2013
  • Evangeline Jayme said on April 9, 2013
    I have a show in reality in Tv series for 3 Months long durations half an hr every show, how to sell this and I am also actor of this show I am original of my own actions, It has been showed in Finland in Helsinki the name " Taksi show" In reality, call me I would like to sale this 22 series. +358451065500
  • Moloto FS said on April 12, 2013
    I am from Limpopo, South Africa. I have a viable reality tV show that i want to make a reality. May you please help me turn this idea to fruition.
  • jim loftus said on April 17, 2013
    roseville california. i have 15 game show ideas and 7 reality show ideas plus 4 board and card games. i am looking for a shark tank situation oh also i have 12 app ideas. 1 could challenge words with friends and scrable. my one reality show might challenge the bacholette. my card game will beat unoout for family fun. i have more but this is good for now. 916 420 5223
  • vidit said on April 24, 2013
    hi , i m from india , have a great idea for a game show , for sure , could challenge " kaun banega crorepati" , even got the copyright of it. please get me a link to production houses or tv channels or any agents , who could help me out ..
  • Sthembiso Shandu said on May 4, 2013
    Hi i'm sthembiso shandu I have tv show idea i need a well experienced tv production to pitch my idea for i want to work IT OUT with them for it to be on SABC 1 . I'M doing media studies in TUT i have a bit understanding of tv production 0789164200
  • Katlego Malefo said on May 9, 2013
    Hi My name is Katlego Malefo I live in Ebony Park in Midrand, I have an idea of a reality Tv show that I believe it will help many South africans and the show has never been done before in south African tv industry. so please help, production company or agent.
  • ideas illustrated said on May 13, 2013
    hello i am UK based and i have an awesome idea for a new interactive game show that takes advantage of modern life and technology, i was just wondering what do i do with this idea now its ready to be shared.
  • Billy said on May 23, 2013
    Hi all, My name is Billy Seitshiro based in Johannesburg in South Africa. I am young entrepreneur Lady and own x2 successful businesses. My partner and I have been working on TV Show concept that has not been done before. We are planning on presenting ourself and have the crew to shoot our first episode to show to TV Executives. We need help on the right channels to take regarding our proposal., 0713284325
  • Neo said on June 20, 2013
    Hi, I'm from kimberley south africa and would like to sell my TV series idea. Its a drama series. Please help with relevant information. Thanks in advance
  • GIFT MOATSHE said on July 15, 2013
    Greetings, I go by the name Gift Moatshe, from Pretoria South Africa. I came up with a game show that will increase 4 biggest TV shows rates to maximum. As the game show's rates will be increasing,South African homes will be treated to a fun, family entertaining and educational show. For more or Gift-0782892705!
  • Chris Robberts said on August 1, 2013
    Hi there I'm in Pretoria I have an idea for a tv show need a representative to help me promote it
  • Scelo Zwane said on August 2, 2013
    I came up with this Tv reality show that will change the lives of Teenages with the High increasing number of drug abuse around South Africa and i've wrote this to you because i need someone who's going to be my partner in making this show a success and who's going to help me make a difference in South Africa with this reality show instead of people watching these reality shows that flash Money and Alcohol to us as they seem to Mislead us as the youth of South Africa
  • Glenda said on August 17, 2013 name is glenda from jhb south africa.i have this killa idea of a reality tv show/documentary. its different and promises to sell but just like most of all of you,i dont know the ryt channels or how to find an agent. anyone of you who has found help please help me..cell number at
  • Lim said on November 6, 2013
    Hi, I am Lim from Singapore. I have a tv game show that is based on my USA-patented board game. It is truly unique and has the potential to go international. Would like a professional agent to represent me in USA and/or UK. Interested, please email me at:
  • Ndive said on November 9, 2013
    Hai i am ndive Baartman from Eastern Cape never been in media industry and I have an idea, a reality show ,I dnt where to go please contact ndivebaartman@gmail.com0838813742
  • lebo said on November 15, 2013
    hey people I really need help I have an ideas of opening reality tv show. I don't know where can I start . I am 19 years old live in witbank I will be happy if you can helping with this show I want to make it's work so my dream can came true. I am also looking for person who is an agents in media industry,
  • Londiwe said on January 12, 2014
    Hello i have an idea of a reality tv show program but don't know where to go to sell and pitch the idea or how to find an agent to pitch on my behalf because i don't have any experience on selling and pitching for a television show program. I am confidant that it will be an interesting and loved show. Thank you.
  • Michael2054 said on January 25, 2014
    I would like to talk to someone about a couple of ideas I have about TV series I have in mind I am not sure who to contact or what to even do with these one I really think would be great for the travel channel and the other I guess for any network thanks for looking.
  • brenda said on February 4, 2014
    am from hammanskraal i would like to have a reality show about my life how and who to contact pls help
  • CHRIS-SAGE IK OFOJEBE said on February 5, 2014
  • Hala Faustino said on February 27, 2014
    Inspired by a British TV game show called Deal or No Deal, I have developed a brilliant TV Game show with a big potential of generating both income and audience. I'm from East Africa but live in London. I could really envisage this game show to be a big hit in the East Africa region and beyond. I'm looking for a visionary agent who is able to turn ideas into action and success.
  • malozana said on March 2, 2014
    i have an idea of a tv show but due to all respect i cant share my idea in public so anyone who is interested can send me an email then we will take it from there thanks.
  • Lefeko mofokeng said on March 6, 2014
    I would lv to propose a tv drama series idea,in fact i hv 4 ideas. I would like u to help me find a company which may be interested, or u can help me by advising me on how do i do that. I do not have any television experience, so please help me
  • sid said on March 8, 2014
    Kolkata India. want to be famous. by selling my idea..huge money I can should be confidential..Thnx
  • Mthandazo Aubrey Fixane said on March 20, 2014
    I'm from Klerksdorp I have a brilliant idea that I want to sell. It's a sports related programme/reality programme, I'm looking for people who can buy the idea and I'm looking for a good Tv Agent who knows his story.
  • bheki said on April 8, 2014
    Hi my name is bheki from Mbazwana KZN I have a breath taking game show idea that will attract millions of views and to be glued on their TV all I need is a company that can buy it and that company won't regret it. My email address is or ring me @ 0718258291.
  • Ntuthuko Everson said on April 27, 2014
    Hi i am from Selcourt in Springs, and i have a reality show that i believe will have South Africans glued to their television screens, i just need need an action plan on how to go about meeting a production that is willing to give my idea a chance. I have a bit of television experience but not the corporate side. Your help or advice will be highly appreciated.
  • Siyabonga Mthembu said on May 21, 2014
    Hi i'm siyabonga Mthembu from South Africa kzn. this unique idea for a reality show that can benefit the youth of south africa
  • M Harvey said on May 25, 2014
    I have always drama in my life, drama that people would enjoy to watch. I need someone to help me to start my own reality show and enjoy watching my daily drama's. Email me
  • nishant keshav said on June 17, 2014
    hi, i am from india. i am a writer. a have written various scripts for movie n tv serials. plz guide me, how to approach production houses.
  • sylvia said on June 21, 2014
    Hi, my name Sylvia in Pretoria, south Africa. I have an idea about a tv show and trust me it's new, fresh and exciting. Please email me on Thank u!
  • motlatsi said on June 24, 2014
    hi, kindly looking for agents for rep please advise as to who and kindly provide contact details. Thank you
  • Noluthando said on July 30, 2014
    My name is Noluthando from Cape Town. I have a tv series idea and a reality tv show idea. They are both new and fresh something that has been done in SA tv. I do not have production experience and I want to sell my ideas to well known TV production companies that have worked with SABC. Your help will be much appreciated. My email address is
  • Themba said on August 6, 2014
    I been up all night, it's 04:15am i'm still up. I got this awesome idea for a reality show, it just hit me, and i know it can be viewed by many if it got the spotlight, i personally, would be glued to it. Here's my number 061 293 2575. Please DO contact me. I am from Gauteng, Leondale. Thank you.
  • lerato said on September 13, 2014
    Hi I am lirah and reside in jhb. I have an awesome reality show I want to produce but dont know the channel to go about. I need an agent and all sorts of help I can get. my Number is 0715021756.
  • G.Q.H said on September 18, 2014
    I have created a game show that will make more than WHEEL OF FORTUNE or WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. I predict it will become the most popular game show ever. Any TV executive worth his salt - get in touch. I'm British and live in Dorset.
  • julia said on October 29, 2014
    Hi, I'm Julia from Primrose hill Malvern Johannesburg South Africa I have wrote an awesome reality TV show that will help young unemployed South African people mostly who dreamed of becoming writers, poems, novels, short tv stories etc including me. I need an agent or someone who's reliable who can buy my idea. Please contact me here 0825468524 or
  • Andre said on November 10, 2014
    Hi i am an electrical tradesmen, and i have a great idea for a show that will bring lots of different tradesmen together for a awesome battle of the creativeness?
  • colani said on December 5, 2014
    I have my new TV show coming
  • xoli said on December 10, 2014
    Hi I'm from Cape Town, SA. Your article was inspiring. I've got three ideas for reality shows that i know would be marketable. I have no experience at all in the entertainment industry. Can you please assist me with info on how to go by getting an agent/agency which would guide and represent me? Thanks. email:
  • tylor said on December 14, 2014
    Hi I'm tylor n I have a new great idea for SA Television show
  • Colin said on January 3, 2015
    From Johannesburg South africa, 7 years experience in restaurant industry. Have an amazing idea for a TV show that will shine light on the restaurant industry in South Africa and will inspire people to cook differently. Low cost, small crew idea that will make it big.
  • faith said on January 14, 2015
    I am from lagos, nigeria. i have a brilliant and well scripted idea for a reality TV show. am taking baby steps to send it to a production companies but I don't know how to go about it. if I need an agent or not. help
  • Mayur GADA said on January 17, 2015
    Hi I developed 25 animated series name as Cheenu-meenu. I am uploading one minute videos on you tube also. I am from Hyderabad India. I want to develop more contains but big problem of finance. What should I do ? How should I sell it?
  • samukelisiwe zikhali said on January 18, 2015
    I have scripted a reality tv show that I know viewers would enjoy for my ideas my email is
  • Shannon Bowden said on January 27, 2015
    Looking for someone who can help get a cooking show that no one else is doing in South Africa. In the USA, there is the TV Writers Vault that helps people pitch ideas and helps them find producers to pitch the idea to the various networks. Is there anything like that here in South Africa? If anyone can advise me, please drop me a message
  • Lesedi kaila said on March 8, 2015
    Hlo, am 15 years and i have talk show script i want to sell its abt mover and shakers in da mining nd business industry from job n bursaries opportunities to da latest updates abt wat is wat n who is who i live postmasburg northern cape SA so contact me if u r interested email
  • yibanathi phaphu said on March 24, 2015
    hi, i have developed a reality TV music show ,but i don't have experience in the industry and am kindly looking for specific authorized agent to help me .i am from south Africa ,cape town and a student studying at uwc. contact details 0789274439, other email
  • Rose Jiri said on April 7, 2015
    Hie, I have a tv series idea that would also make a great reality show but I am almost positive would be impossible to pull off without getting arrested, so "fiction" it is. I think the concept alone is fascinating, the execution of it would leave people all wishing the show were actually real. It would be amazing to have someone give me 2 minutes of their time to see if this is usable stuff. Contact details: Rose Jiri,
  • Tebogo Nkosi . said on April 15, 2015
    hi.I am 23 years. I have an idea of a TV reality show an I would like to sell it but have no experience in the industry I am looking for an agent to help me. I am currently studying at TUT living in Pretoria. my details tebogonkosi72@ gmail. com
  • millicent manana said on April 17, 2015
    i my name is millicent in grahamstown, eastern cape. i would like to sell a reality show 'Call the Nanny' for SA parents
  • THULO PHAROE said on May 29, 2015
    my name its Thulo i am in Cape Town running a talk show based in cape town. I would like to have it on tv. It does have followers.My number is 061 270 9988
  • Portia Seemise said on June 19, 2015
    I have a TV show idea I would like to air or sell.
  • Chirag said on July 9, 2015
    Hey, I am from India, New Delhi. Wondering, how can I share my TV Series idea with right people. Looking further to a chance where Direction & Camera departments can be handled by my team. Kindly spare me some of your valuable time and please guide me regarding the same. Thanks & Regards.
  • mafale samuel said on July 17, 2015
    Hi i'm samuel mafale young man from rural area located @ qwaqwa free state south africa with a heart of helping others to better their future .who lost his parents at young age....who struggled to achieve his educational dreams due to lack of funds while funds where there but there was no light to get it... I have and exciting Idea that can contribute so much in the lifes of south africans opharns and all nation of mZansi..... please contact me on how to implement it.....
  • Lendl Matthews said on July 28, 2015
    hi I'm in Florida south Africa and my postal code is 1709 and I have a great idea for a tv show and my email is
  • nobuhle mngomezulu said on August 13, 2015
    Hi i have an idea of atv reality show i'm developing in south africa as i have never heard of it in south africa. Please contact me. On the above email
  • Sonia Halane said on September 6, 2015
    Hi! My name is Sonia. I have an excellent idea for an interactive educational TV talk show that would benefit parents and teachers of children with learning challenges. Please contact me at Thank you.
  • ayanda said on September 27, 2015
    Hi I am from mossel bay and I have an great television show to pitch but I do not have an agent or production house to submit my idea so I'd like to know how to get an agent or production house. Please contact me on my cell phone number 083 208 7282 my email
  • Kgaugelo and Sipho said on November 25, 2015
    Hi, This is Sipho and Kgaugelo from Soweto, We have this great TV show idea that we would like to propose to a production Company in South Africa. We would kindly appreciate your help on how we can go about it. Our contact details are 0739178671 and 0787803035.
  • langa said on December 1, 2015
    I have got talk show idea need help with script writing and what channels need to be taken to be able to pitch.langa khumalo.
  • Munyaradzi Mambambo said on December 7, 2015
    I have two ideas that I want developed into reality shows.They will appeal to various views and give insight into often un-known but interesting territory.Please contact me on below email address.I am based in Cape Town
  • Doreen Shabagu said on January 12, 2016
    I am from South Africa.I have an excellent new idea that will benefit the Country in a positive way.Please assist me on how to go about it.
  • Doreen Shabangu said on January 12, 2016
    I am from South Africa. i have an excellent new idea that will benefit the Country in a positive way. Please assist me on how to go about it.
  • grace said on February 17, 2016
    Hi am grace from south africa witbank i have am idea of reality tv show and don't have any experience in this industry please can i get
  • kwali manelisi said on March 9, 2016
    I am Manelisi Kwali from Mthatha, South Africa. I have an idea for a good movie but i do not know where to start.
  • nkosana memela said on March 9, 2016
    I have 2 of what I believe are brilliant fresh shows, but just like rest who are leaving comments on this site, I don't have necessary knowledge of selling them- so should there be an agent/s who visit this site in search of what might be the next big thing or show in this instance to give my plea the benefit of a doubt and contact me.. My details are as follows Name : Nkosana e-mail : cell no : 0797508120/0765157722 home no : 011 932 2433
  • lebogang moloisi said on April 20, 2016
    Hi I am lebogang moloisi from pretoria atteridgeville an I have a couple of tv shows I would love to get help on on how to pitch them an where to pitch and I don't have any television experience. My email is
  • Ntombi Mayekiso said on May 5, 2016
    Hi my name is Ntombikayise Mayekiso from Cape Town. i have an amazing, attention grabbing idea for a reality tv show. i don't have any formal television experience but i would be soo humbled if i can get a chance to run my idea through someone that can turn my idea into physical reality. please give me a shout. thanks. 078 394 2055
  • Elroy Solomon said on May 24, 2016
    Hi my name is Elroy Solomon from Cape town. i have a brilliant and exciting storyline for an action movie. great plot!! unfortunately I haven't got any experience in the industry but I have a talent for writing. anyone who would be so kind as to act as a rep. much appreciated.
  • Vanessa nkosi said on June 18, 2016
    Hi I'm Vanessa from Durban. Me and my business partner, Mxolisi Shezi have a great television idea for a reality TV show.. No experience but our idea is so brilliant, we just need an opportunity to make it happen. Please kindly assist us. We are reachable at alternatively 0735311756. Thanks so much
  • Adigwe C.Robinson said on June 30, 2016
    Hello, my name is Adigwe.c.Robinson AKA Mrshortman from Nigeria Lagos i have a great television show idea and experience but I don't know who can help me make it the show that everybody wants to watch i have the ideas but I need someone to help agent or supporters. call me on 08188862852, Gmail me thank you.
  • David said on July 10, 2016
    Hi am David Live in braamfontein jhb I have a tv show idea . but I want the right ppl to guide me and someone I can work with who know the industry very well and who knows many executives .. Am new in the industry my email address
  • nyameka said on July 22, 2016
    hi am nyameka from port Elizabeth I have this brilliant idea of a tv show that I want to produce for sabc1 the problem is I don't who to talk to plz help
  • Lungelo Shandu said on August 11, 2016
    Greetings in the name of Jesus. My name is Lungelo Shandu, the author of a book called, Success & wealth through the bible. I live in South Africa, Durban. I have an idea which i wish to turn into a reality show. The show will be a benefit to every viewer and a life changing footpath. I don't know where to from here and who to talk too. Any assistance and a way forward will be highly appreciated. My email:
  • Glory Itoro said on August 14, 2016
    Hi, I have this great idea of a Tv talkshow. Very interesting and unique trust me. I cant wait to see it become a reality. I need direction, i need contacts, I NEED SOMEONE TO BUY MY IDEA.
  • Brendmo said on August 23, 2016
    Hi I have developed to reality show pitches and need assistance in documenting them and thereafter pitching it to the relevant production houses. Anyone who can assist me please send me a message on my e-mail. Thank you
  • tendekai said on September 12, 2016
    hi i have a TV concept i would like to sell on DSTV or SABC, anyone who can assist me send me a message to my e-mail. thank you
  • Innocent Manganye said on September 29, 2016
    Hi I'm Innocent I live in Soweto, and I have an amazing show idea that has never been seen before. I would love to sell it to DSTV, can anyone help me? Please e-mail me at Thank you
  • sessy said on September 30, 2016
    Hy my name is Sessy in Rustenburg I have a huge idea for show pls anyone interested email me


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