“How to Sell TV Show”
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  • Rehet Christensen said on November 17, 2016
    Good day. I have a good idea for a TV Talkshow. No idea where to start or what to do, I have no TV experience. This show will definitely have a positive impact on the viewer. Would love to sell my idea asap. Email to rehetchristensen@yahoo.com I am based in Atlanta GA.
  • Robert Brilliant Lekgau said on December 21, 2016
    Hi I am Robert Brilliant from Limpopo, I have an idea of a talk show that is based on encouraging men to embrace one another, especially black men. I've had it for long but I do not know how and where to sell the idea. I positively believe it will bring change to men and especially black society. And also the viewers will encounter and experience love in different level.
  • Okwuchi said on January 26, 2017
    Hi, am Okwuchi from Nigeria. I have an idea of reality TV show, I don't know how to pitch and get it into reality, kindly help. oceansworld12@gmail.com
  • lanez said on May 4, 2017
    Hi my name is lanez I have 2 might 3 reality tv shows ideas I would love to share with a producing company theses ideas comes with benefits for the members of the shows and the company who presents them please get in touch with me lanezmckay@gmail.com
  • Nduh said on May 9, 2017
    Hy it Nduh. I live In south Africa, Durban. I have idea of reality TV show and I have pitched it but I don't know where should I go now?? Plz help
  • Brendon said on August 12, 2017
    hi , my name is Brendon from Durban. I have few t.v show ideas but don't know we're to start . my email ssbmaphumulo@gmail.com
  • Kanu Ezinwanne Chinazo said on August 22, 2017
    I want to start up a reality show but does not know how to go about it and i don't have money too.
  • Lucy said on May 30, 2018
    Hi, I am Lucy from Alexandra township, I have an amazing and unique idea of an educational reality show that will benefit society and provoke debate, anyone who can assist please email me at lucyfuel36@gmail.com. thank you
  • Sello Luarence said on July 14, 2018
  • Obakeng said on December 3, 2018
    Hi, my name is Obakeng from Pretoria. i have a very brilliant tv show idea. please contact 0764236333.Obakengsean@gmail.com
  • Sanele said on July 16, 2019
    I am from durban, South Africa. I have a viable reality tV show that i want to make a reality. May you please help me turn this idea to fruition
  • Msholozi, simphiwe said on August 20, 2019
    I from Gauteng province in SA. I have this fascinating idea to help and bring changes across the country,I just want it and wish to see it being displayed to our DStv channels. I don't have media qualifications but I would like represent the idea to multichoice official .If interested please e-mail me on
  • Sine tuis said on February 15, 2020
    Hai my is Sne from SA in PE I'm new and inexperience I have what I believe a needed REAL TV SHOW Idea , I would love to be part or sell. sineteyise@gmail.com or thandotshemese9@gmail.com
  • Sine tuis said on February 15, 2020
    Hey I'm Sne I'm new and inexperience I have an idea of a reality educating entertaining TV show. sineteyise@gmail.com
  • Sandile said on June 20, 2020
    Hey This is Sphondokhulu. I have a groundbreaking idea for a TV sopie, which evolves around Greed, Power, Tyranny, Dictatorship and Domination around highest positions. From being laughing stock, never-taken-serious,To Success, Divorce, and Dominion. •For full storyline• *Contact +27 624 067 169 Sandilenjabulo33@gmail.com
  • Thabo P. Letupu said on June 24, 2020
    Good Day, My name is Thabo P. Letupu. I'm from Johannesburg and I have a very interesting Reality TV Show idea that I wish to sell to anyone willing to listen. My email thabo4omolemo@gmail.com
  • thabo vhukhudo said on July 25, 2020
    hy my name is Thabo vhukhudo I have a big business reality show idea I need to peach I need a person who can help me with making it happen
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