How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Limo

Have you ever wondered the cost of buying a limousine? If this is your dream car, then now is the time for you to discover more about it through this article.

Since the price is the major concern in the purchase, you can look for the ways on how to get it in the lowest price possible not compromising the quality.

The most famous place on earth that has a wide use of the limo is Fort Worth and Dallas because of the service of the Dallas limousine. From the Fort Worth and Dallas-area airports business people also need to have a reliable and on time transportation brought by the Dallas limousine and the kind of DFW Airport Transportation system it provides. Now, if you no longer want to just rely on the limousine service that anyone can use, this is the right time for you to consider buying one.

How much does a Limo Cost to Buy

Before you proceed in canvassing for the limo you have always wanted to have, the very first thing you need to do is determine the type of limo you want or you need. The following are the limos you can choose from: limo mini-buses, limo vans, limo buses, SUV limos, stretch limos and sedans. After figuring out the kind of limo you want to have, the next thing you need to be very critical of is the no other than but the price.

If you are thinking about the auto prices, you would definitely realize that these vehicles vary in the price range. By citing the regular automobile as an example, this costs just 20,000USD. If this would be turned into a stretch limousine, this would instead cost between 60,000-80,000USD. Now, do you want to spend less? Then you don’t have any other choice than to purchase a used one. But bear in mind that this will also require you to have more maintenance.

This only implies that the cheapest limousine is not always the best buy for everyone. If the parts are inferior, of course the result is that it would always break down thus, costing you more maintenance in the long run.

If you consider buying the new Lincoln Federal Silverstone 120" limo having a 4.6 liter V8 engine that comes with an automatic transmission comes at around 75,000USD. But if you would like to purchase the Mini Cooper XXL Stretch limo, it could run between 66,000-90,000USD. Since it is said that small things come in small packages, this can already be the perfect investment vehicle for you.
If you would like to experience real luxury, the Hummer H2 limousine can be the right one for you. This runs between 165,000-220,000USD so, it means that buying this is juts like buying a new house.


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