How to Sell Business Idea

Business ideas can be sold to entrepreneurs especially if your business ideas are innovative and unique.

Sell them to large companies and earn great income.

Business ideas that are innovative and unique are very in demand and sell instantly. Thus, if you have these kinds of business ideas, you should get the opportunity of earning a living by selling your ideas in the market. But before selling, you should first evaluate carefully your ideas and properly document them with the aid of experts.

Evaluate your Business Idea

To be able to sell your business idea, you will need to convince business owners to invest in the idea or hire you for certain project. You need to present your business idea to prospect clients and investors. When evaluating your idea, you must research well. You must know why your prospect client needs your idea and why your idea is the best in the market. Aside from being unique and stands out for innovation, your idea must also be interesting as well as your pitch for prospect clients. You must be creative in presenting it so that it will not be a boring topic for clients.


You can sell your business ideas to companies and corporate whose products or services are related to your idea. Every business ideas that you evaluate must be documented properly with the help of an attorney or expert in this field. In this way, you can be sure that if you present it to a client and the client did not buy your idea, you can be sure that your idea is secure and no one can be able to copy it from you. Nevertheless, you must be confident enough to close your deal.

Things to Watch Out while Selling

When selling your business ideas, you should watch out for your pitch and make it an excellent and well rehearsed one. You should present yourself with confidence and wear your best professional clothes. Just like any other presentation, you can be a little bit nervous but if you are fully prepared, you can definitely deliver your pitch satisfactorily. Example of a good pitch includes:

  • Thank you speech for the client for the warm accommodation
  • Introduction of yourself and your colleagues (if any)
  • Your company’s brief background as well as your offered products and services
  • Objective of the meeting that includes why they must choose you
  • Sales pitch with the features, advantages, and benefits of your idea
  • Benefit analysis
  • Question and answer for inquiries
  • Closing of the deal if possible
  • Ending thank you.

To sum it up, if you cannot sell your business ideas, they will be worthless. It will only be valuable if it can be executed or put into action. So, to be able to sell your business idea, you must first execute it and then sell all or even just a part of it to companies.


  • Mthalane Nonhlanhla said on August 1, 2015
    I want to start a reality tv show I have an idea but I dont know where to begin. thank . pietermaritsburg, Kwazulu natal, South Africa
  • Dimakatso Mkhize said on August 17, 2015
    I will like to start a T.V. Show, the thing I don't where to start. I believe I can feel the gap I see and think the show can real educate the nation or an eye opener, Dimakatso from Durban.
  • Brendon said on August 12, 2017
    I would like to start a TV show. I have few tv show ideas but don't know we're to start . brendon from Durban .


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