How to Sell Movie

Selling movie idea is quite difficult as it is not easy to find studio that would be interested in your work. However, you should not be disappointed because there is still possibility that you can find studio to buy your movie idea.

All you have to do is to find ways on how to sell movie idea.

The film industry is very complex and the competition is tight. This is because the industry is the playground of elite people that is why only few are able to get into the industry. However, it is naïve to say that there is only one way to sell movie ideas for a film. As long as you are determined and persistent to obtain your goal everything is possible. The process of selling movie is quite complex that is why you should have patience and ability to accept and deal with rejection as oftentimes it is the name of the game. In this sense, it is ideal to assess the industry so that you will know what to sell and obtain some ideas to start.

How to Make It Happen?

The first thing to do is to conceptualize your idea. You should use your active imagination and passion on telling story. This is the key to develop a great movie idea. Generally, creating movie idea starts with core concept that is the basic idea. Narrow your story idea into short paragraph that will describes clearly unique idea. After writing the story you can ask help from your trusted and honest friend to read the story. In this way you will know if you had made the right concept of the story. However, you should value and respect their opinions in case they have some feedbacks about your story. You should pay attention to do the relevant changes if necessary. Make sure that the script is top-notch and in correct format and shape.

The next step so that you can sell your movie idea is to do thorough research. Before getting too far in preparing the concept of your movie idea it is significant to identify the market. You can do it by reading information and studying the real scenario in the industry. Through research you can also identify the production companies that is suitable to your project may it be a romantic comedy, true-crime thriller or many others. Once you know that the movie idea you are conceptualizing is viable you can start writing the story.

As you start writing your movie idea makes sure that it will be attractive to movie producers. Keep in mind the necessary pointers in order not to lose the interest of the reader. After writing the story you can proceed on submitting your work. Start calling movie studios to see if they are open for submission. Above all, you should not lose hope instead be persistent.


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