Opening a GPS Store

People realize how useful a GPS navigation system is to their daily lives. That is why a lot of people purchase and install GPS systems in their cars; that is to prevent them from getting lost.

Find out how you can make a business out of that demand for global positioning satellite systems for use in people's vehicle.

 The Global Positioning Satellite is a very useful technology. In the beginning, it was intended only for use by the military so that they can accurately pinpoint their position to within a few meters. Submarines and ships for example relied heavily on this technology since these vessels do not have visual cues to determine their location. Now, the technology became so useful that it was ultimately developed into commercial use.

Indeed, GPS is very useful to the community especially to those that own cars. Now they don’t have to bother with asking around for directions. They can simply check the map on their GPS devices and they can now figure out their exact position and plot their “courses” to their destination. GPS makes life easier, to make the long story short. That is why a lot of people are buying the gadgets. The numbers grow everyday.

As a businessman, there’s definitely a market in it for you. Because of their popularity, you can expect that there will be people who’ll be interested in buying GPS products from you. Here are the things that you will need to prepare if you want to start a GPS store:

Store and Office Space

The first thing you will need to have is a sizable space that can hold your office and store. The space should be big enough to handle both these needs, because it is more cost effective and economical to lease only one property than have two different properties for your office and your store. The office should also be equipped with the necessary computers, tables and other equipment that your employees would need.


You would also need some staff in order to operate your GPS navigation systems store. There will be a variety of skilled workers that you will need to recruit for your business, and they will be performing specific roles within the store. These workers would include:

  • Cashiers: They will be in charge of eliciting payments from the customer upon purchases.
  • Salespersons: Salespersons are responsible for entertaining customers, and attending to their needs. They will also be responsible for answering customers’ inquiries and complaints about the products.
  • Warehouse staff: Since you will be keeping supplies, you need warehouse staff in order to keep inventories and keep you up to date on the quantity of your supplies so you can order more from your supplier.
  • Office staff: These will be people in charge of managing your other employees like handling their payroll, and other human resource-related concerns on your behalf.

Suppliers’ Contract

Of course, since you are going to be selling GPS products, you will not be producing them on your own. Hence, you need to secure a contract from a wholesale supplier so that you can have a steady supply of GPS navigation systems that you will sell to your customers. These suppliers will be the one to procure your GPS systems from the manufacturers’ themselves, and sell them to you at wholesale prices so you can earn a profit by charging a little bit for the retail prices.

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