Taco Bell Founder Found Dead

Taco Bell founder Glen Bell was found dead inside his Santa Fe home on Sunday. He was 86. Taco Bell, along with the family, is now planning to have a private funeral for the late restaurant innovator.

Glen W. Bell Jr., the founder of popular fast-food chain Taco Bell, has died on Sunday. He was 86.

According to statements posted by Taco Bell on Sunday, Bell was found dead inside his Rancho Santa Fe home. However, the fast-food giant did not mention the cause of Bell’s death.

“Glen Bell was an innovator and a visionary in the restaurant industry. He was also a dedicated family man,” Taco Bell President Greg Creed said in the statement. He also said that the Bell family is now planning a private funeral for the late founder.

Bell is a World War II veteran has launched his first restaurant in 1948 after he saw the potential brought by the success of McDonald’s and Bar-B-Que. It was called Bell’s Drive along San Bernardino.

Much like the first McDonald’s and Bar-B-Que restaurants, the Bell’s Drive has took advantage of the car culture in Southern California and has served millions of Americans with hamburgers and hotdogs via drive-in windows.

Bell had also led the founding of the Taco Tias and El Tacos, which are both in California. He then opened his first Taco Bell restaurant in 1962 along with the national fast-food hotdog chain called the Der Wienerschnitzel.

Today, Yum! Brands is the owner of Taco Bell, which is now the largest Mexican restaurant chain in the US. It has more than 5, 600 locations and is serving some 36.8 million regular costumers weekly.


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