Taco Bell Launches Its Social Media Campaign

In an effort to reach a broader market and strengthen its brand, Taco Bell has recently launched a social media campaign using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms that are seen as an effective viral marketing tool.

Restaurant giant Taco Bell has launched a social media campaign using media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other user-generated content in an effort to reach a broader market.

In a statement, the company said it has created its own “cartoon characters” that would appeal to a wider audience especially the younger consumers.

“We are hoping that with the new marketing campaign, we would be able to increase customer engagement that will eventually lead to a deeper relationship with the brand”, Taco Bell said.

The new Taco Bell superheroes are named after the “unique” flavors used by the company such as Commander Seasoned Beef, Crunch Boy, Flex Tortilla, Dr. Steve Value, Chicken Woman, and Captain Enchilada Sauce. Meanwhile, the restaurant giant has included villains dubbed as “Cruddy Combo Clan” in order to create its own original cartoon episodes.

Taco Bell senior associate manager of interactive marketing Danielle Wolfson said that “communicating with consumers is very important for the company especially when this can provide entertainment.”

“By doing this marketing strategy, it would be possible to make the brand stronger and would further promote customer retention and acquisition”, Wolfson said.

To make the advertising campaign interactive, the company said that it is utilizing user-generated platforms that will allow people to download the restaurant’s ringtones, post the superheroes’ images on their Facebook account, and link to these social platforms.


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