Marketing Value Proposition

If you want to create a marketing value proposition, you have to know the key. This is key to your customer base. Through market research, you will know more about your customers and their needs.

From there, you can already create the best proposition that can convey the marketing messages clearly and accurately.

The Marketing Value Proposition

Before you start working on your marketing value proposition, you have to know a great deal about your customer base. This is because the value proposition itself is a cluster of potential benefits that should be delivered to your targeted customers in order to satisfy their needs. The needs of customers can only be identified through a detailed market research. From there, concise and clear marketing value propositions can be developed.

Value propositions usually suggest good idea in a plain and simple manner. You don’t have to aim for innovativeness all the time (although this is a great plus point) because as long as you can present your idea in a very nice way, you can convince customers that ‘this’ is what they want. Avoid creating propositions that are vague because your target market will not be able to understand them. Your marketing value proposition should state the tangible results clearly so that your customers will instantly know what they are going to get from your products/services. You can expect better results if your proposition is specific. This will serve as the point of view of your customers. You have to be straightforward and customers will surely want to do business with you.

What To Do

Most business owners create value propositions with short sentences and bullet points. This is a good way to convey their messages to customers briefly and precisely. By just using short and precise phrases, you are able to target the emotions of the customers which mean that the business is able to offer fundamental benefits. When customers are satisfied with your services or products, you can expect referrals through word of mouth ads. Your value proposition should be able to differentiate your business from that of competitors.

With only a few words, you can already tell your customers about your operations and the tangible results that they cab expect. You can draw interest with ease and share your business’ story with others by using short phrases. Give your marketing strategies time to work and with a great value proposition, you can create a sustainable relationship with your customers. Every business owner should make it a point to conduct thorough market analysis in order to create effective value propositions. The key is your customers and without them, you will go out of business. This is the most important thing that you should keep in mind. If your business can meet the needs of customers, you will surely stay competitive and earn great profits.

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  • S.K.Saxena said on December 8, 2010
    I am a B.E.(Elect.),M.B.A.(marketing) person with 14 yrs exp of job. mostly related with marketing but now trying to establish some thing my own may be at a very small scale due to my independent thinking to be my own boss,so I need to know many ideas at a small scale to high scale. kindly guide me, rgds S.K.Saxena. Gwalior(M.P.)


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