McDonald's Says World Cup Souvenir Glasses Safe

Despite concern that McDonald's World Cup souvenir glasses may contain cadmium which is a metal attributed to cancer and other health problems, the restaurant giant said that it will not pull out the glasses which they claimed to be safe.

Sydney, Australia: Restaurant giant McDonald's said it will not recall its World Cup souvenir glasses despite concern that these may contain cadmium which is a toxic metal that is attributed to several health problems such as cancer, delayed mental development, and impotency.

In a statement, McDonald’s spokeswoman Amy McNaughton said Tuesday that the souvenir glasses do not contain cadmium or any metal that may adversely affect the health of their consumers.

“Consumers should not worry because the cadmium scare does not affect the FIFA World Cup Coke glass promotion”, McNaugton said.

Earlier this month, almost 12 million “Shrek” souvenir glasses in the US have been recalled after the American Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found that these contain cadmium in a level which has surpassed its limit requirement.

Cadmium is naturally present in the environment, but some manufacturers have used this metal in a concentrated form when making consumer products.

Despite criticism, McDonald’s said that the level of cadmium found in its “Shrek” tumblers was not excessive, adding that CPSC standard just become stricter because of some consumer laws that were passed few months ago.

The restaurant giant said that it follows the strictest standard when it comes to selling souvenir items such as glasses, toys, and other promotional products they are using.


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