Becoming Point of Purchase Display Manufacturer

Advertising is important for the survival of a business. And one way to advertise effectively is to set up marketing materials at the point where people buy merchandise. That is, within the store. These ad materials abound.

Would you like to serve this kind of market? Start a business manufacturing POP displays.

Every business needs to advertise in order to keep customers and attract new ones. And one way for them to advertise is to provide point of purchase displays on every places of their shop – may it be on their countertop, floor, ceiling, or wall. If you want to enter into the business of manufacturing point of purchase displays, here are some tips:

  • You could become a manufacturer of pre-designed point of purchase displays like poster frames and banner stands or you can become a custom maker of POP displays. Whichever form you choose, be aware that your purpose is to help customers make the kind of POP display that would work best for their purpose and kind of business.
  • If you want to make custom made POP displays, you have to define your capabilities and acquire the talent, the facilities and the system for the type of custom maker you are. Remember that you will have to hire designers, buy construction machine, graphic software and raw materials, and get people to operate the equipment.
  • If you have a large funding, you can be a manufacturer of a large variety of POP displays. However, if your budget has limits, you can specialize on a certain type of POP displays. Specializing works well not only because it allows you to start small; it also helps you target a niche market that is yet unserved or underserved.
  • You can specialize on digital or electronic signage solutions; laminated graphics; plastic, acetate, plexiglass, acrylic or corrugated materials; countertop, floor display, easel-type, or collapsible stand-up displays; lighted menu board or hanging signs; POP displays for restaurants, trade shows, among others.
  • If you are a custom maker of POP displays, you should set up your system of accepting designs. Will you receive designs on pdf or jpeg or any other format?
  • Determine how you will provide a prototype and at what time frame. It is usually a must that you make a model of the order (with a corresponding fee) so that the customer could see the finished product and sign a final order form. Experienced manufacturers can do and send a prototype in 24 hours others within weeks.
  • Determine minimum runs. A 50-unit run may be small by manufacturing standards. How big will an order for you to generate a decent profit?
  • Set up a payment system and determine how much down payment you will accept.
  • Enter into shipping arrangement contracts with delivery companies to arrange the best terms.


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