CA Upholds $6.1 Million McDonald’s Strip Search Case Verdict

A Kentucky Court of Appeals upheld the $6.1 million award to the former McDonald’s worker who was stripped search by the fiancé of the store’s assistant manager after a phone caller, claiming that he was a policeman, asked them to do so. The CA ruled that Louise Ogborn was sexually abused in the process.

An appellate court in Kentucky upheld on Monday the $6.1 million award to Louise Ogbord, a former fast-food employee, who was forced to strip down inside a McDonald’s store after a prank caller, who posed as a policeman, asked the store assistant manager’s fiancé to do the act.

The Kentucky CA, in its ruling, pointed that the McDonald’s store knew about the series of hoax phone calls to different restaurants in the US. However, the company has failed to warn its employees before the incident, which happened in 2004.

Three CA judges have ruled unanimously in favor of the victim, saying that she was unlawfully held against her will for more than three and half hours. The judges also pointed that Ogborn was deprive of all her possessions, including her clothes.

Walter Nix Jr, the fiancé of the assistant manager, had sexually abused Ogborn during the phone call and has already served a prison sentence.Meanwhile, David Stewart, the man accused of making the hoax phone call, was acquitted by the lower court. Police questioned the court decision, pointing to the abrupt stop of similar calls after he was arrested.

Donna Summers, the fired McDonald’s assistant store manager, who was awarded $1.1 million by the same jury. Engaged with Nix during the time of incident, she allegedly led the strip search and should be responsible in the act. The CA slashed the award to her to only $400, 000.


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