Toyota Head Apologizes for Faulty Pedals, Brakes

For the first since the gas pedal crisis broke out, Toyota head Akio Toyoda faced members of the media and apologized for the faulty gas pedals and braking problems of its vehicles.

The official said that he will beef up quality control and hear all complaints from consumers.

Toyota Motor Co. President Akio Toyoda on Friday faced members of the media, for the first time, after global recall crisis broke out weeks ago. The official apologized for the faulty gas pedals but refused to comment on the braking problems of its Prius hybrid.

“We are facing a crisis,” Toyoda said in his first media briefing since last month, saying that they will now beef up quality control to its vehicles. Toyoda inherited the company’s presidency last June from his grandfather, the founder of Toyota.

"I apologize from the bottom of my heart for all the concern that we have given to so many customers," Toyoda said.

Also, the official vowed to personally head the special committee that would review and check the vehicle production line. He also said that he would personally go over hundreds of customer complaints and ask for outside help to come out with the necessary fix for the problem.

It will be recalled that the US and Japanese governments called for an immediate investigation over the massive recall, which involved over 4.5 million vehicles. The company’s failure to address the problem has raised concerns to millions of consumers.

Half of the recalled vehicles were in North America while the rest are distributed around the world.


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