What It Takes To Start a Small Business

Nowadays, it takes ideas and thousand dollars to start up your own business. Starting your own business is made possible through online freelancing networks. Heard of Freelancer.com?

Freelancer is founded in year 2004 and it has posted about 1,425,588 jobs up to date. The total spending that this website has is amounting to $116,504,500.

CEO Matt Barrie stated that if you are looking for a way to start up a business, this website can be at help to you. Any smart entrepreneur can get the right business name, can come up with an effective business plan and can have the best business logo and the stuff, by using one of the jobs platforms online such as Freelancer.com. These jobs can be done just by shelling off a few hundred dollars; $200 is the average amount of a job posted in this website. But then again, in just few hundreds of dollars, you’ll be starting a new small business.

There are also an option for business owner to have an iPad app or a mobile app for their business and they can have it for a reasonable price. Also, the business owner can hire freelancers to help them make sales. The owner can hire someone to handle the marketing and this is through either SEO or advertising campaign.

Barrie stated that there are IT-related, marketing, designing, strategizing and technical jobs on Freelancer. He also stated that one Indian programmer has about one hundred employees and earns about $1 million in a year.

Because of these websites like Elance and Freelancer, small businesses have the ability to hire virtual assistants (VAs) and freelancers that can be at help to them to expand internationally. For instance, if small businesses want to sell their products on China or any other country, all they need to do is hire freelancers and do the marketing, customer service, and other tasks for them.


  • Paramdeep said on April 7, 2012
    Going to start Computer hardware wholesale and retail business offering whole computer parts and selling assembled PCs in Jammu in India.
  • shaileshkumar said on April 9, 2012
    I wish to start Online related business in Hyderabad- Central location, i have my own space and have knowledge on web designing and internet
  • Rajendra Jain said on April 9, 2012
    Hi i m rajendra jain fm sri ganganagar, rajasthan india. I want to start a travel co. Kindly tell me how can u help me. I don't have so much money to invest.
  • Angie Villery said on January 9, 2013
    Would like to start my own snow cone business for themiss spring, summer and in going. I live in the Los Angeles county area, need all the info necessary to get started. I am looking to also be mobile from city to city. I would so appreciate your help.
  • Godwin said on March 14, 2013
    My name is Gowin .C from Nigeria and i want to start a Technology based business in respect to buying and selling of products such as mobile phones, gadgets and accessories. and i'm in need of ideas and information in which i can build upon. benin City,edo state, nigeria
  • Ganesha said on January 15, 2014
    I am starting a hen forty business in shimoga Karnataka please how i got financially from yours side


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