US Appellate Court to Decide on Mattel, MGA Bratz Case

A US Appellate Court will soon render its decision on the Mattel case against MGA Entertainment’ Bratz, giving both parties to mediate for settlement.

The CA has earlier issue a stay order against the lower court decision, saying that the case should be further studied.

A United States Court of Appeals on Wednesday has issued a stay order on the decision rendered by a lower court over the transfer of ownership of the popular Bratz dolls, giving time to the toymakers Mattel and MGA Entertainment for more mediation.

It will be recalled that the US district court has ordered the immediate halt of sale of the popular Bratz dolls and accessories by MGA. The court has also ordered the company to recall and destroy the unsold items and transfer the molds and designs of the dolls to Mattel by January next year.

But the CA has issued a stay order allowing MGA to continue production and sale of the said doll pending another order by the court.“The parties are also ordered to allow mediation and enter into settlement to end the dispute through expedited participation of this court,” the order further stated.

For his part, MGA Chief Executive Isaac Larian has welcomed the development, saying that he and his family’s faith in the US justice system has been restored by the order.Meanwhile, Mattel said that they will not issue a comment just yet, pointing that there has not been a decision so far coming from the CA.

People familiar with the matter, citing the appellate court order, said that the lower court has “went over board” in awarding the ownership to Mattel after MGA has lost a copyright infringement case in 2008.


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