Winter Storm Threatens Holiday Sales

Winter storm in the United States East Coast threatened the last push of retailers for a stronger holiday sales this year. Analysts said that the “Super Saturday” sales could become a big flop for the merchants in the said area and the overall US retailers’ holiday sales, saying that it accounts to more than 30 percent of the total $15 billion income each year.

The US retailers’ last push for a “stronger” holiday sales this year has been put in jeopardy as severe winter storm and heavy snow fall in the East Coast forced stores and other establishments to close down, keeping shoppers in their homes.

With the violent weather condition, the “Super Saturday” or the last Saturday before Christmas became a nightmare for many merchants and store owners in the East Coast. Based on records, Super Saturday sales averaged to more than $15 billion each year with the Northeast contributing more than 30 percent of the amount.

The date is also considered as the biggest single-day sales for the holiday season vying with Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

Retailers, according to reports, were forced to slash down their prices even further to counter the weak consumer turnout in their stores. Some analysts suggested that the marked down prices could last up to Christmas Day to catch up with the lost sales.

The United States’ East Coast includes cities like Baltimore, New York, and Boston, which have been record-spenders during holidays.Meanwhile, in areas like Virginia and other suburban areas in the East Coast, malls and other establishments were also closed down on Saturday due to snow-patched roadways. Consumers are now turning to online retailers to save up time and effort in going to malls, analysts said.


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