Strong Week Ahead for US Retailers despite Storm

Strong week ahead for US retailers despite severe storm on Super Saturday, a market research analyst firm said on Monday.

The group said that merchants in other parts of the US are making significant sales increase in the last stretch before Christmas as buyers do their last-minute shopping.

Despite severe snowstorms in the United States’ East Coast on “Super Saturday,’ retailers are now looking into a stronger turnout in the last week before Christmas Day as consumer traffic in online retail stores and shops across the country spiked up.

It will be recalled that snowstorms last weekend had forced closures of major establishments and mall in the East Coast, threatening the retail sales output of the whole country into jeopardy.
Super Saturday is considered as the busiest shopping day of the year.

Based on records, crowds are flocking inside stores all over the US looking for great discount offers from merchants who are eager to win business from the troubled eastern markets.

Also, online retailers based in the East Coast still managed to make significant increase in their sales in the last stretch this holiday season as more consumers resort to the websites to buy the items included in their shopping lists.

“Consumers will still go to stores to make their last-minute shopping. So, all is not lost,” Market Researcher NPD Group chief retail industry analyst Marshal Cohen said.Based on previous data, the last Saturday before Christmas Day usually accounts to more than $15 billion in sales.


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