Steps to Become a Graphic Design Instructor

Are you an aspiring graphic designer with a vision towards going into teaching later on? Or you may be an experienced graphic designer looking to bring your career into teaching. Whichever, we have a basic guide to help you fulfil your passion in the arts and your interest in teaching.

The path to a career as a graphic design instructor depends on where one is starting.

If you are an experienced graphic artist, then you might already be ready to become an educator. If you are still an aspiring graphic designer with a vision towards going into teaching later on, then you might have to start from the beginning or near the beginning.

Steps to Become a Graphic Design Instructor

  • Make sure you have a strong interest in visual designing and are ready to pursue an artist’s career. Being a graphic artist is an interesting and rewarding profession. But it is also challenging and taxing as it would require you to work in a demanding and competitive environment like ad agencies, and publishing companies.
  • Enrol in a degree related to arts and design. You can opt to major in graphic design later. Or you can get a certificate, an associate or a bachelor degree in graphic design. If you lack formal training but has hands-on experience, a degree could help a lot if you really want to advance in the field.
  • Gain experience by seeking employment as graphic designer, creative or art director in advertising companies, corporations, public relations firm, printing companies, book publishers, newspapers, and magazines. Three years of practical application is a strong qualification when seeking employment opportunities as an instructor. Also seek exposure to the industry and get to know people within by joining competitions, exhibits, and conferences.
  • Try seeking teaching opportunities. Work as a volunteer teacher in community and campus design projects, or in summer courses. If you will teach in a public school, you’d be required to get a teaching certificate. Enrol in a teacher training program and get that certification.
  • Get an MA in Graphic Design or Visual Arts if you want to teach in colleges, art schools and universities.

We live in a graphic world. Everyday, we are bombarded by fliers, posters, product packagings, bulletin postings, magazines, banners, and billboards competing with each other to attract our visual sense. Every establishment from a small clerical office to a multi-national manufacturing corporation has a need to create printed material to communicate, persuade, and inform. Because of this, there will always be a demand for people knowledgeable in the application of graphic design software or of manipulating computer images. And with this is the demand for instructors to teach the discipline. If you are looking for a way to divert your career, becoming an instructor is a way to go. You can keep your full-time graphic design job, while teaching on the side.


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