Guide to Become a Multimedia Instructor

Multimedia is something that is beneficial to us all. For example, multimedia is used for entertainment like music and movies. Multimedia is also useful for getting information across like in the case of websites, as well as instructional videos that you can use in these sites.

Hence, there is a great need for multimedia professionals and instructors in the world.

If you have a passion for coming up with presentations, movies or even music, then you have the capacity to become a multimedia instructor. What does a multimedia instructor do? Simple; he gives knowledge and expert advice to students as to how they could develop multimedia on their own.

Of course one of the requirements to become a multimedia instructor is to have the necessary knowledge with multimedia. There are many types of multimedia that you can teach. It all depends on your interest and your skills. Once you have the necessary skills and experience in one or more of the many multimedia tools that you can use, you can apply for work in a school or even create your own school.

What are these tools? Here are some of them:

  • Video editing tools: In order to be able to teach video-related multimedia classes, you would need to be able to use video editing software, the most popular of which is Adobe Premiere.

    Adobe Premiere is part of Adobe Corp.’s Creative Suite. It is a software that is used to create and edit video clips and organize them into a coherent and smooth movie. It is used widely, both by amateur video editors as well as professional firms. Premiere has been used by networks such as BBC and the Tonight Show. It has also found use in the movie industry, especially in the movies Superman Returns and Dust to Glory, among others.

    Another video editing software that you can use is Windows Movie Maker. This software comes bundled together with every Microsoft Windows operating system that you buy. Though it lacks several features of other dedicated video editing programs, Windows Movie Maker still finds use especially among amateur video editors.
  • Web development tools: Web development is also considered part of multimedia since it makes use of several types of media including video and images. Youtube, for example, is a multimedia website because it is designed to stream video media and broadcast it to the general public.

    The web development tools you will need to have would include web design editor programs like Adobe Dreamweaver. You would also need to have a working knowledge of web languages like PHP, CSS, JavaScript, ASP and many others in order to be able to teach web development classes to students.
  • Picture and audio editing tools: The last two aspects of multimedia are images and audio. Nowadays, it is possible for the average person to learn how to manipulate images and music in order to come up with their own presentation. People can now do this using home computer, and using software such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and Cool Edit Pro, among others.


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