2012 Top 10 Franchises

Are you planning to start a franchise business? You must be knowing about the benefits of investing on a proved business model than a completely new one.

Before looking further about several franchise business models you should consider these top ones. It is better to pick one from these.

Here are the top 10 franchises of 2012.

  • Hampton Hotels

    The startup cost is amounting to $3,745,500 - $13,114,000. The franchise fee is about $65,000. The royalty fee is 6 percent. The term of franchise agreement is twenty years and it’s renewable.

  • Subway

    The franchise fee is $15,000, the total investment needed is about $84,800 - $258,800. The ongoing royalty fee is 8%, and the term of franchise agreement is 20 years and it’s renewable.

  • 7-Eleven Inc.

    This company begins in 1927. If you are planning to franchise, you need to allocate $30,800 - $611,100 as a total investment. You need to provide $10,000 - $441,400 as your franchise fee and the ongoing royalty fee varies. Agreement will be up to 15 years and renewable.

  • Servpro

    This business started as painting business in 1967. You need about $132,050 - $180,450 as your total investment if you are thinking to get a franchise of it. You need to shell of $42,000 as franchise fee. The royalty fee is about 3-10%. The franchise agreement is 5 years.

  • Days Inn

    If you want to franchise this business, the total investment cost is about $202,170 - $6,764,850. You need to pay $36,000 - $37,500 as franchise fee. 5.5% is the ongoing royalty fee. The agreement will be on for 15-20 years.

  • McDonald's

    Which to sell burger, fries, and chicken, McDonalds will be the best franchise to start up. For a total of $1,068,850 - $1,892,400, you’ll be able to start. Allot $45,000 as your franchise fee.

  • Denny's Inc.

    For this business, you can get a franchise of it as you allot $1,125,505 - $2,396,115 for your startup. The franchise fee is $40, 000 and 4% is the ongoing royalty fee.

  • H & R Block

    This business is founded in the year 1955. For franchising, the startup cost is $35,505 - $136,200. The franchise fee is $2,500 and 30% is the ongoing royalty fee.

  • Pizza Hut Inc.

    To sell the best pizza, franchise Pizza Hut. $295,000 - $2,149,000 is the startup cost. You’ll pay $25,000 for your franchise fee.

  • Dunkin' Donuts

    Allocate $368,900 - $1,735,700 as your total investment if you wish to franchise Dunkin’ Donuts. About $40,000 - $80,000 will be your franchise fee. The term of agreement is not renewable.


  • Prathyusha said on October 25, 2012
    I want to start pizza hut business in my town so pls want how much will be the cost and details pls want to contact no. Thank you Want it fast
  • syed khurshid anwer said on December 2, 2012
    Days Inn, I want to start this business in canada and australia, would you like to send me the detail of complete information in this regards ASAP, REGARDS, KHURSHID


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