Businesses Should Not Neglect Customer Service on Facebook

You have to know that your business’ Facebook page is important; it is just as important as facing your customer or potential customer, so you must not neglect or ignore your Facebook page but rather take time in maintaining it. You have to offer an online customer service.

A New York City-based firm – STELLAService, went undercover and made posts on Facebook to 20 retailers’ Facebook walls. The undercover firm posted some service related questions on the pages of the retailers.

There are retailers who just removed the post from their Facebook wall and not even bothered to comment or answer the questions. There are about 5 retailers who just left the questions unanswered for 2 days. There are only about seven among the twenty retailers who took time to answer the questions within 2 days.

It is unprofessional and can damage the image of your business if you ignore customer service related posts or questions posted on your business’ facebook page. Is there any company out there who will allow their employee to turn their backs on their clients/customers? Definitely, none.

Businesses who take time to answer customer related questions will definitely rise to the top and will gain customers trust and loyalty.

Read on to get tips on how to manage your Facebook page.

If there are any questions or complaints from customers, see to it that you’ll reply quickly.

When responding to your clients or customers inquiries, you can do it as status updates, since status updates are more visible than comments.

Clients or customers are posting good comments, not only bad ones. It is better to share these comments or feedbacks to your customer service teams for them to be glad about the good news.


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