Wii Consoles Sales Rise Amid Crisis

Despite weakening US economy due to global recession, Nintendo’s popular gaming console Wii is enjoying massive growth sales after consumers bought more than 753,000 units in February alone.

On the other hand, Nintendo’s rival Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console also enjoys impressive sales with 53 percent growth.

Nintendo Co. said sales of its popular video game Wii rose by 74 percent amid the ongoing economic crisis. Meanwhile, experts believe this is a result of consumers finding ways to escape from the worsening financial crisis.

According to research firm NDP group, more than 753,000 Wii units were sold in the US in February alone, making this the most popular gaming consoles. On the other hand, Nintendo’s rival Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console also experienced sales growth with 53 percent, or 391,000 sold units last month.

Despite Wii and Xbox’s sales growth, Sony’s Playstation 3 has declined to 1.7 percent.

Compared to last year, Nintendo said US distributors and retailers had sold 75 percent more video games for the gaming console, adding that the country accounted for more than 10 percent of the total growth sales worldwide.

According to NDP report, Wii sales reached nearly $1.50 billion in US alone.

In an interview with Cammie Dunaway, vice president of U.S. sales and marketing, the company’s domestic sales continue to show impressive result despite the ongoing financial crisis.

Since Wii’s launching in November 2006, Nintendo sold more than 18.7 million units. Meanwhile, analysts and experts believe Nintendo’s sales growth will continue amid crisis.


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