Handyman Service Rates

One of the most excellent small business opportunities is becoming a handyman. There is a continuous demand for maintenance and repair services and a stable need for efficient and reliable handyman services.

The houses in America are getting older and it is predicted that it will continue to increase yearly. The costs for starting up are relatively low with minimal solid profit potential.

Why Handyman Service?

Some knowledge and experience of maintenance and home repair is needed for being a handyman service. Usually, home owners need to carry out certain projects like repairing or installing light fixture, hanging shelves, fixing windows, gate, fence and gutter, maintain wooden floors and other jobs that handyman can only do.

The Cost of Handyman Service

In case you wanted to run a handyman business but you are not sure regarding the rates that you will charge. You’ll need to set suitable rates to maintain your competitiveness in the world of business. There are various ways on how you can able to verify your fees.

Amount of Money You Wish to Make

It is very significant if you can able to determine the amount of money you wanted to make for a year. Then divide that number on how many hours per week you wish to work and the answer here is based into your rate per hour.

Rate per Hour

Verify how long every job may take and multiply it by your rate per hour and obtain the price each project. If you are not sure how the job will take then you can charge per hour or determine the rate for every project and stick to it if it will complete for 5-10 hours.


Another means on how you can set your rate per hour is by looking at you education, skills and experience. If you have some proofs that you are a great worker and can do the job efficiently then you can add more charge.

You can check with the local office of chamber of commerce to see are the other handyman services in your area charging. You can also charge highest rate if you are already an expert or skilled handyman especially if you got some certificates or education to support you.

Be sure to set rates for every job you offer. The rates can be checked in your area for specific jobs and look at the rate for every job or hour.

Salary Calculator

You can also try salary calculator on certain site such as Jobbankusa and Monster. Salary wizard can be used by selecting the job from list or by typing location. In this means, you can surely find the appropriate rate for your job.


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